Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall TV: Hart of Dixie

Something I enjoy a lot during the fall season is the return of my favorite shows, and the beginning of some new ones.  One of the new ones I've started watching is Hart of Dixie on The CW.

Remember Rachel Bilson from The OC?  Well she's back!  Bilson plays Dr. Zoe Hart who moves from New York to Bluebell, Alabama to accept an offer from a stranger she received after graduating from medical school.  After moving Zoe finds that she's been left half of the practice.

The show follows Zoe as she learns to deal with the other doctor in the practice, Brick Breeland who isn't exactly happy to be sharing the practice with her, and his daughter Lemon.  Zoe has made some friends in the town of Bluebell; the mayor Levon, her neighbor Wade, and Lemon's fiance George all seem to be on her side as she adjusts to living in a small town.

I've really been enjoying watching Hart of Dixie every Monday night.  Maybe because I continue to hear country songs in the background of scenes?  No that's not why but it helps.  I truly enjoy the story - it has some good lessons woven into it, and plenty of romance or romantic tension at least as the relationships still develop.

Here are some pictures from last night's episode "Faith and Infidelity"