Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So much to say, so little time

Hey there bloggers...I started this post on Monday after work but saved it as a draft without publishing it because I had homework I needed to get done, and I had planned this whole productive afternoon and evening out which didn't include blogging until after I was done with my to-do list.  Unfortunately, I never got around to finishing the post.  And then yesterday was not the day I thought it would be either but more on that in a bit.

Sunday I had planned on working on my assignments for history of rock and roll that are due next week.  But because of the fact that those assignments are due next week, meaning I was (or would be) working ahead, I gave myself an excuse to not put in as much effort as I should have.  I got nothing done yesterday :(  I read one section of the assigned reading and then just kind of messed around online and watched TV.  So in a nut shell, nothing got done.

My plan for Monday afternoon to make up for Sunday's lack of productivity was to do the following before dinner. 

  • Speech - No speech for this unit but there was an activity needed to be done by Monday.  The plan was to have this completed before my parents came home and we ate dinner.

  • Laundry - Put laundry in while working on speech assignment.

  • Walk the dog (with parents?) - After dinner take a walk with my dog Duke and possibly my parents if they chose to come with me.

  • Watch Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) with Alexis - This one is pretty self-explanatory :)

While I didn't carry out my plan as well as I had been thinking I would I did pretty well.

  • Speech - Started reading articles to do the opening activity but did not finish the assignment before dinner.  Because of the walk and DWTS I didn't finish the assignment until around 10pm.  By this time there was still hardly any posts by other students so I decided I would do the response the next day.

  • Laundry - Success!  I didn't get all of my laundry done but I did do some.

  • Walk with Duke - Another success!  After dinner both of my parents and I headed out on a walk.  I walk faster than my mom so she told me to go ahead, she would walk with my dad.  I had Duke so I wasn't walking alone, even though I had no one to talk to ;)  Duke and I went 1.89 miles in 31 minutes, shaving off 2 minutes from the week before when we did the same walk.  Wanting to get home in time for DWTS was motivating obviously ;)

  • Watch DWTS w/Alexis - Success again!  I love watching DWTS and it was even better "watching" it with Alexis.  She is just too funny sometimes, but I love it.  I'm rooting for Chelsea (the Disney star) and Kirstie Alley this season.  I've voted both weeks for them and it has paid off because neither of them were eliminated last night.  Oh by the way, Maks is HOT! I would definitely dance my butt off for him ;)

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had no work and no class to attend so I was thinking it would be a great day to be super productive for my online classes.  I should have never turned on the movie channels yesterday...all my productivity went down the tube then.  I watched The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, Dear John mmm Channing Tatum!!, The Ugle Truth (love love love Gerard and Katherine Heigle (sp??)), and I rounded out the day with Rock Star which had Jennifer Aniston in it.  I had never heard of this movie until I found it on CMT yesterday.  It was from 2001.  Not a bad movie. 

I did all of this movie watching after I had gone in to have my blood drawn for labs early in the morning.  On Monday (the 4th) I am seeing my doctor for my yearly visit and she decided last year that I should have labs done up, I think to just get a baseline of my cholesterol but I'm not really sure.  I am a bit nervous to find out what the labs say.  I am really hoping that my weight gain and lack of weight loss has not affected my health.

I've finally created a new page on my blog.  I decided to make it My Journey page of my weight loss.  I am going to do my best to take pictures on a regular basis and post them along with posting my weigh ins on this page.  I have never been one for measuring but if I do end up taking measurements I will also post them there.  Basically anything that can serve as a means to track my weight loss will be on this page.  I took my first pictures Monday and posted them there.  You can check it out here.  I also weighed myself on my Wii Fit yesterday before eating breakfast so that is also posted there.

I was browsing through Hollie's blog roll Sunday and chose to check out A Taste of Confidence.  I found a book review of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and found myself really interested in the book so I requested it from the public library.  It also helps that a movie based on the book is coming out with Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon ;)  It was when I was on the public library's website that I discovered I own a book by the same author.  I have already read Riding Lesson but it was a while ago so I started re-reading it.  It's an awesome book.  I had always been on the look-out for the sequel whenever I saw books at the store but I never found it.  I decided to request it from the library as well along with The Horse Whisperer that was mentioned on the back of Riding Lesson.  The Horse Whisperer is already ready for me to pick up so after work today I'll be stopping at the library.  Unfortunately, Water for Elephants is a popular book right now and I am number four on the request list so I don't think I'll be getting that book as quickly.

Besides the books I am getting from the library I just received the next 3 books in the Pretty Little Liars series on Monday.  I picked up the first 3 from Barnes and Noble when I took Duke in for a grooming and had 3 hours to fill.  I started watching the TV series based on the books last summer.  I DVR'd the whole season the day of the summer finale (they re-aired all the episodes that day).  And then this spring I have been watching the new episode every week.  Sadly the spring finale was last week so now I have to wait until summer for more episodes.  I love the show but from what I've read of the books so far it's pretty different.  I like them both equally though despite the differences between the two.

I apologize for this really long post.  I guess I had a lot to say, and I'm not even out of things to say yet!  But I'm going to call this the end for today before I put you all to sleep ;)

I hope you have had a marvelous Monday, a terrific Tuesday, and a wonderful Wednesday so far this week.


When books are made into TV series or movies do you love 'em or hate 'em compared to the book?

Twilight comes to mind for me...I LOVE the books more than I love the movies buuut I LOVE the movies too.  I've read the books multiple times and watched the movies multiple times :)

Is there a book you highly recommend everyone to read??

Until next time...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blah Blah Blah~Ke$ha (Thanks iPod on Shuffle for my blog title)

Good evening's been a bit longer than I had hoped since my last post (so much for the 5 days/week :( )  I honestly just haven't had anything that I really wanted to write about...and I really still don't.  What do you do if you have nothing "worth" writing about; post a blog just because or take a few days off?

Thursday I did go to Best Buy and get my new laptop.  As soon as I got home I was of course taking it out of the box and getting it all set up. Everything was working just fine and dandy for me until this morning when I turned it on for the first time.  It had just started up and installed some updates when it blue screened on me.  I was shocked and seriously upset.  Alexis helped to calm me by letting me know that it could just not have recognized the start-up (which sometimes happens) and that as long as it didn't happen again soon it should be alright.  I seriously don't know what I would do without my tech-savy friends sometimes.  I'm not horrible when it comes to computers but there are just some things I need someone smarter than me.  For instance moving my music library from the iTunes on my old laptop to the iTunes on my new laptop...Putting the music files on my flash drive should work right??  But then my next question is, how to I get the music into iTunes?? Sorry if that's a totally dumb question and has a super easy answer to it.

Friday my dad and I went fishing by dams where the water is open.  Because of the snow storm we had on Tuesday there was A LOT of snow to walk through to get from the roads to the water.  I guess plowing those areas out isn't something they're concerned with.  It was a good work out though...I'm talking knee-deep snow.  Unfortunately no fish were caught :(  I did take pictures of the geese at one of the fishing spots but haven't uploaded them onto my computer yet so I can't post them to my blog.  Which is another thing I have to move from my old computer to my new one, pictures.  And I need to figure out how to install the camera program on my new laptop.

My dad and I ate lunch at Freddy's Pub & Grill; both of us having chimis (shredded beef for my dad and shredded chicken for me).  It was soooo good!  I'm sure it helped that I had forgotten to eat breakfast because I woke up late to be ready to go fishing.  Dinner was a home-made fish fry with the fish we had in the freezer from prior, more successful, fishing trips during the winter.  Usually we have home-made french fries with our fish fry but we didn't have enough potatoes to make french fries so we used frozen waffle fries.  I don't know what it is about waffle fries but I really really love them.  Strange that I could like different styles of fries more than others even though they're all made out of the same thing, potatoes.

Today has been a pretty uneventful day other than my freak out this morning about the blue screen.  I actually read the text for my history of rock and roll class last night and then today I listened to the lecture, took the quiz (13/15), posted to the discussion board, and responded to two other student's posts.  All of this was due either Monday or Wednesday so I feel great having it done already today.

Tomorrow I will be working ahead a week by reading the text, listening to the lecture, and doing the discussion board posting so that I can use the next two weeks to work on my organizational behavior class.  My next exam is coming up and I have yet to do any of the work (readings & assignments).  Because this class does not have weekly assignments, unlike history of rock and roll, it's very easy to put off doing the work until right before the exam.  I also need to look at my speech class to find out when the next unit has things due.  I am going to do my best to NOT put off doing the speech until the night before because as we all know that did not work out very well last time at all ;)

Starting this week I will only meet at school for class on Thursdays from 11-1:30 which means I will have Tuesdays off.  I am thinking I might work a full 8 hour day (8-4:30) on Mondays rather than just 7 (8-3).  Or maybe I should start going in for a couple of hours on Tuesdays?  I mean I did just spend quite a bit of money on a new laptop that I didn't REALLY need... Ugh I don't know.  On one hand I think I should work more hours to make more money and help out my department but on the other hand in my perfect world I would use the time off from school and work to work on homework/studying.  Realistically we know I don't use the extra free time to be working on school.  Maybe if I had a fuller schedule I would be more on top of my school work because I would only have limited time to work on it??  Who knows...

Sorry for the completely random and boring post about my life...Like I said I had nothing I really wanted to write about :(


When planning to make a semi-expensive/expensive purchase do you get nervous?

Thursday leaving work to go to Best Buy I was very nervous and I think it was because I was spending quite a bit of money on something that I didn't need.  I didn't leave the store feeling much better because the employee that helped me made me feel rather dumb.  I walked in there knowing what I wanted and told him that.  He went on to ask me a bunch of questions like "Do you need anti-virus or Microsoft Office?"  "You sure you know what you want, did you do your research?" UGH!! I was thinking to myself the whole time "Yes!!! I know what I want and if I needed something else I would ask for it!!"

I guess I should clarify that it was more the way that the guy a Best Buy was asking me these questions that irritated me more than the actual questions he was asking me.  I do love a good helpful employee at a store, don't get me wrong!

Are you tech-savy or do you rely on tech-savy friends to help you out with those things?  If you aren't tech-savy do you try to learn from your tech-savy friends?

Like I mentioned before I'm not horrible when it comes to computers but there are things I definitely ask for help on.  Thank goodness for Alexis lately :)  I'm super happy that I "met" you through your sister's blog!

Check out Alexis's blog here!

Until next time peeps!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real Quick...

Just wanted to post a quick little something so I can keep up with the 5 days/week blogging thing.

  • Blogging - Monday and today...guess that means I need to blog every day for the rest of the week as I already didn't blog Sunday and now yesterday.

  • Nutrition - Logged pretty much everything in Spark on Monday but now haven't done it yesterday or today.  Buuut I have been watching my portion sizes.  Staying away from Mountain Dew has been a fail except for yesterday.  Moving on to tomorrow, not going to beat myself up about it.

  • Fitness - Monday I took my dog for a 33 minute walk.  We made it 1.89 miles.  Yesterday due to yucky weather I did nothing.  I should have done something today but it was like a half-day snow day for me so I ended up being rather lazy.  On the bright side, my mom and I have talked about where we could put the Wii in our basement for quite some time but never followed through with our plan but today we came up with a new plan.  This new plan is much more attainable than the last one so I have a good feeling it will be happening soon which means I'll have no excuse to not use the Wii as a form of indoor exercise.

  • Weigh in - Did not weigh in yesterday as planned.  My grandma called me right at 9 when I was going to be getting out of bed and invited me over for breakfast (waffles yum!) and to use her oven as our new one still has not arrived.  I made 3 loafs (is this the correct "term"?? Spell check doesn't like this word for some reason??) of banana bread, sooo good.  I will for sure weigh in tomorrow or Friday.

  • Weather - Like I mentioned in my last blog there was some yucky weather headed my way and it came in full force.  It snowed pretty hard yesterday morning, stopped for a while, and then snowed in the afternoon into the night.  It was like a thunderstorm but instead of rain it was snow falling from the sky.  This resulted in my dog being scared and keeping me and my dad up the whole night between the two of us.  This morning it took my dad an hour to make it to work (normally 30 minutes or less) with a 4-wheel drive truck.  Yea, that's how bad it was.  So my mom and I called in to say we would be in no later than 10.  We work at the same place so we rode together in one car and ended up making it there by 8:30.  My mom's boss later decided that anyone who didn't live in town should really consider leaving early; translation = my mom should go home.  We left at 1, meaning I only got 4 hours of work in so I will have to go in tomorrow to make up the 3 hours I missed but I will probably work 4 as I was planning to today for an even 8 hours.

  • Laptop - After work tomorrow I am going to get a new laptop.  There is nothing really wrong with my current laptop other than it occasionally likes to blue screen on me (usually late at night for some reason??) so I am getting a new (better) laptop and will let my family use my old one for as long as it lasts, which with their light use it will probably be ok for a while.

Wow so that turned into a longer "little" update that I was planning.  Anyways, I'm off to finish making my bed from last night...I was lucky I got the fitted sheet on my bed last night before my dog jumped on my bed and laid down, not that I'm complaining because prior to this he wouldn't lay down and was pacing and panting.

And real quick, new readers thanks for checking out my blog and leaving comments!  I enjoy comments and am glad to see new readers commenting.  Keep 'em coming!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

How Bad Do You Want It?

Hey there blogger friends!  I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!  Hopefully you had good weather.  Wisconsin's weather got a little crazy yesterday.  It was cold and raining/snowing.  Today sounds like it will be our last nice day with a high of  45*F until Thursday.  Tomorrow is supposed to only get up to 36*F and is going to be ice to rain with wind and Wednesday isn't going to be much better (probably worse actually) with a high of 28*F and a wintery mix to snow with wind.  Winter just does not want to let go yet I guess ;)

Enough about the weather...

Nikki recently wrote an amazing post about weight loss (read it here) that got me thinking about my own weight loss journey, or lack there of.  It was specifically this line that made me think, "But before anyone ever starts a weight loss and exercise program, you have to want it."  I question whether I really want to change my lifestyle and lose weight.

If someone randomly asked me if I wanted to lose weight my answer in a nanosecond is yes.  There is no doubt in my mind that I want to lose weight.  As Nikki also wrote, "I was unhappy, unhealthy, and out of shape." only I am unhappy, unhealthy, and out of shape.

So why am I questioning if I want it?  Because I am heavier now than I was in 2009 when I first decided to lose weight.  I have made no progress in my weight loss.  If I want to lose weight why haven't I committed to eating healthier, and exercising regularly?  That is exactly what I ask myself every time I look in the mirror.  To be honest I don't know why I haven't committed myself to changing my life for the better, or I at least haven't figured it out or admitted it to myself.

I apologize if I sound like a broken record whining about not losing weight when I'm not doing anything to change that.

As you all begin to know me better and better you will start to pick up on the fact that I relate things in my life to songs, a lot.  Of course this situation is no different.  The song that I think fits this situation in my life really well is How Bad Do You Want It? by Tim McGraw.  It is exactly what I need to ask bad do I want to change my life for the better?  Obviously the more I want to change the more dedicated I should be.  Right now I'm a bit off-balance, I'm not as dedicated as I should be.  I am going to change that, I want to be balanced.

I am a member of the weight loss site Sparkpeople but lately haven't been using the tools available to me.  To start the process of dedicating myself to weight loss I am going to re-set my account on Spark so I can start fresh with my nutrition and fitness log and my goals.

Here are some goals I have for myself with re-setting my Spark account, and with re-dedicating myself to losing weight.

  • Nutrition ~ I will do my best to log everything I eat.  I always struggle with logging meals at home because I do not measure my food.  It may sound stupid because my family supports me but I do not want to measure my food in front of them.  It makes me feel awkward just thinking about do it in front of them.  So, I will do my best to estimate.  I will work on eating smaller portion sizes and limiting my junk food, including soda.

  • Fitness ~ I will commit myself to 3 days/week cardio of at least 30 minutes and 2 days/week strength training of at least 15 minutes.

  • Blogging ~ I used to try to blog on Spark but since starting this blog I think I will not set a goal to blog in both.  This blog will be my primary blog with maybe occasional posts on my Spark blog.  I am going to commit myself to blogging 5 days/week.  I am not going to specify what my posts have to be about; they could be nutrition, fitness, or just my life.  This is basically what I am doing now so it will not be something I need to change other than making sure to blog at leat 5 days/week.

Well there it is, my plan of action.  I am going to re-set my account on Spark tomorrow morning so I can start fresh with a new weigh in.  This does not mean I am putting off what I can do today.  I will begin to work on my nutrition and fitness today, not tomorrow.

I can do this.

I want to do this.

I will do this.

Until next time =)...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fight Like A Girl

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all doing well.

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I went snowmobiling with my daddy-o for the last time this season.  It turned out to be quite the interesting ride when my dad's snowmobile broke.  While it could still run and move finishing the ride with it would have been a bad idea.  We left his sled in the yard of someone who lives right on the trail.  Don't worry we know the family, but even if we didn't when someone lets the snowmobile trail go right through their yard it is a pretty safe bet that they won't get too excited about a strange snowmobile sitting in their yard.  Daddy-o and I finished our ride by riding double on my brother's snowmobile, which I had been driving.  It was like revisiting the old days because my dad and I used to ride together all the time before I could drive/we had enough snowmobiles for everyone to drive.  Being 20 made things quite a bit different, as in I barely fit on the seat behind my dad.  But we did it, we went to a bar for lunch as planned and then rode together the whole way home.  After getting home we hooked the trailer to our truck and picked up our sled.

By this time the people who owned the house were home and their son came out to visit.  Come to find out his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer the week before.  It was rather eerie because my family had just found out the day before (Thursday) that my grandma (dad's mom) was diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  More specifically, my grandma has two different types of breast cancer, one in each breast.  This brings to the title of my blog.  Fight Like A Girl is a song by Bomshel that was released in early 2009 that I love.  One part of the song really touches me now that my grandma has been diagnosed with cancer.  "Ten years of climbin' that ladder Oh, but money and power don't matter When the doctor said "the cancer spread" She holds on tight to her husband and babies And says "this is just another test God gave me.  And I know just how to handle this" I'll hold my head high I'll never let this define The light in my eyes Love myself, give it Hell I’ll take on this world Yes, I'll stand and be strong No, I'll never give up I will conquer with love And I'll fight like Like a girl!" If I remember correctly this coming Monday my grandma will find out how they will be treating her cancer.  Because of the two different types it makes treating it a bit difficult and this week has been about running more tests.  It is definitely a scary thing to know that someone in my family has cancer.

Here is the song, enjoy!

Bomshel has many good songs.  In particular I also like "19 and Crazy", "Just Fine", "Arizona", and "Just This Way".  I of course think you should check them out!

Onto a lighter note now...

My parents and I went out for dinner at Phil's Round 2 with two other couples and our neighbor.  One couple left shortly after dinner because they had brought their young daughter with them and she was ready to go home.  The rest of us stayed at the bar having a good time.  My parents and I were home by 12:40am while the other couple didn't get home until 2am, and they had a 35 minute drive!  There was talk about doing it again at a different location.  I had fun even if I was the youngest in the group so I will definitely be going again.

Unfortunately I woke up at 9am on Saturday feeling crummy.  My nose was stuffed up and my head hurt.  I don't know if it is possible for your ears to be "stuffed up" but that's what it felt like.  Instead of doing homework, which wouldn't you know it desperately needed to be done, I ended up barely moving from the couch that day and the next.  I ended up feeling pretty crummy until last night (Wednesday).  I hate colds, they make doing not so fun things like homework very difficult to do.  I somehow managed to get things done on time even if  it was at the very last-minute.

Tuesday I took a final exam for my marketing class.  I am now holding my breath waiting for the grade.  Send positive vibes my way!

On an awesome note I met with my adviser at school this morning and right before leaving I found out that as long as there are no major glitches I will be graduating in three semesters!! YAYAY! :-D I am excited...but at the same time it makes me a little nervous.  My mom does not want me working at my current place of employment as a long-term career so graduating means I would soon be starting a job search.  And another thing to be nervous excited about would be the apartment search.  Being done with college and having a full-time job would mean it is time for me to spread my wings and fly out of the nest.  While that will be exciting, definitely exciting, it makes me nervous.  To be honest I didn't think I would be moving out into an apartment alone.  Prior to the breakup I went through in October I thought whenever I moved out it would be with the guy.  But enough about the past, I just have to look to the future and deal with things as they come.

It is now time to put my brain to work.  While I am technically on spring break (since Wednesday at 12am) I have assignments that will be due after break and two upcoming exams that I need to prepare for so I want to get a jump on working on that stuff instead of putting it off to the last-minute.  While I did really well on my first exam in my organizational behavior class I wouldn't mind doing better.  And I didn't do as well as I would have liked on my first exam in history of rock and roll so I definitely want to and need to do better.

Now that I am recovered from my cold I will get back to blogging on a regular basis, no worries! ;)

Questions for you...

Do you have a song that always seems to bring your emotions out, possibly making you cry, whenever you listen to it?

"Fight Like A Girl" is definitely that song for me.  Depending on the mood I'm already in it is possible that tears will come to my eyes.  But on the other hand it also makes me feel tough, especially the line "kick a$$ and take names".

How do you study if you're currently in college, or if you've graduated how did you study?

I have honestly never been one to study.  I have tried but it usually is just reading over notes and trying to memorize as much as I can.  I could use your help people!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who doesn't like a 4-day weekend??

I know I sure as heck freaking love them!  Thank you marketing professor for having to go out-of-town :)

Last night I was thinking about how I could use today as a "sit around and do nothing but relax day", except for taking care of some speech evaluations that are due, but when I woke up this morning (9/9:30 FABULOUS!) I thought to myself "heck no Amy you're going to use this day to be productive".  So, I ended up doing laundry, cleaning up the mess I had in the living room of all my school stuff (online classes mean you never have to pack your books up to take them with you lol), vacuuming the living room, Swiffering (dry and wet) in the kitchen and dinning room, and unloading/reloading and running/unloading/reloading the dishwasher.  Major brownie points with my mom for all of that work I did today (+20 jk).

Those darn speech evals got pushed to the bottom of my priority list, even though they're due today.  It is now after 11pm and I am still working on them.  Because my internet connection=waiting for videos to load I am able to type this post as the last speech video I need to watch loads.  Definitely should have done this earlier in the day when less people had posted their evals.

I hope you don't mind but I need to vent about these evals.  Not about doing them but about people not following directions AT ALL!  Each person is supposed to have 4, ONLY 4, evals for their speech.  My professor cannot get much clearer..."Please make sure that you do not choose to critique any student who has already received four critiques--if you do, another student will receive fewer than four. It will always be safest for you to choose those students who have received the fewest critiques so far in the discussion."  We're in college people, many are "older" students, it is not that hard to read and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS...or is it??  Now I know you might be wondering what the big deal is, or if it really is that big of a deal...and you're right, it's not.  But I am just the type of person who follows the directions, and obviously doesn't like it when others don't follow the directions.  But enough about this...

Tomorrow I am planning to work on homework but I may go snowmobiling for the last time this winter now.  My dad mentioned tonight he would have gone but my brother had already gone out with a friend and when I mentioned this to my mom she said well maybe you and your dad will have to go tomorrow then.  And when I mentioned that my dad asked what I was doing tomorrow and I told him homework my mom also said well maybe you could mention going out for a quick ride to get lunch some where.  So I guess we'll see where tomorrow leads me but I forizzle will be doing homework while I am home.  Then at 6:30pm my parents are meeting up with two other couples; one of the couples the woman works for my mom (and at the same place I work at) and the man was both mine and my brother's hunter safety instructor, and the other couple has gone to races with my parents (and the other couple).  I am just tagging along for the food because I love the fish fry at the bar they're going to.


Is there anything different about Greek yogurt compared to "regular" yogurt??

Do you enjoy a long weekend??

I would honestly be surprised if there was someone who didn't like a long weekend!

Time to watch (& listen) to this fourth speech so I can get this evaluation done...and then it's Jersey Shore time! :)

Have a good night peeps!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Love Is Just This Way

*Title is from the song Just This Way by Bomshel* (I couldn't think of a title, it has nothing to do with this post hehe)

Happy Tuesday peeps! Hope you are all have a terrific day so far!

My day started off pretty early (6:30am) because getting my pro/con speech done yesterday after work did not go as planned. Let's just say that a little 5 minute speech took me forever to prepare. Just another reason to not procrastinate! It didn't help that after being hard at work for roughly four hours I was just not in the mood to continue working so I got distracted by the TV. I haven't watched the Bachelor all season but I decided I wanted to watch the Women Tell All episode just so I didn't have to keep working on that speech. At 7:30 I went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner. My aunt made shrimp scampi (never had it home-made before) and it was AMAZING! Definitely will be trying that out on my own soon. I ended up hanging out with them after dinner until after 9 because I was watching TV with them, yet again another reason to not have to be working on my speech. When I finally did go home I decided I just wasn't in the mood, I'll finish it in the morning...even though it was due yesterday. I didn't think it would take that long to finish but I was wrong.

Like I said, I got up at 6:30am and I got right to work. I didn't post my speech until 10am, the very last person and only the second person to post on the 8th (the other person posted at 12:19am so I guess that doesn't really count). We'll see how my grade turns out by posting it a "day" late.

My speech was on the pros and cons of comprehensive sex education programs. I decided on this topic because sex education was (still is?) an issue in Wisconsin. I knew I would be able to find enough information about it to support both sides. Now if only I had started the research earlier. And as I write this I remembered I didn't include a bibliography in my outline. I am going to add that to it right now!

Ok now that I've got that take care of (yes I really went and did that before starting this new paragraph ;) ) Good thing I posted a blog and was writing about my speech or I wouldn't have figured it out for quite a while.

When I was finally done with my speech this morning I had to rush to get ready for school. It was my last day of marketing because our professor is going to be out-of-town on Thursday and next week Tuesday is our final. It is only an 8 week class so that's why it's almost done already. Other than it's a very fast paced class I didn't mind it. I have another 8 week class starting after spring break, hopefully that one goes just as smoothly as this one did. I took a fourth exam today so I'm crossing my fingers that I didn't bomb it like I did on my last one. Well I just checked, a 61/100 but our professor is adding 10 points to our grade so that means I got a 71/100. Not as bad as my last exam score but not great either :( Oh well, it's in the past now and all I can do is move forward and study hard for the final so I do well on it.

And you're probably sick of reading about my school work by now so I'll wrap this up. I'm going to start the process of evaluating other students' speeches so I don't do that last-minute as well ;) Maybe freshen up my nails as well, they're chipped and look pretty bad right now, toes included.

Here are some pictures for your view pleasure :)

[caption id="attachment_71" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Absolutely LOVE this lotion!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_72" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Love my Chevy Racing travel mug :)"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_73" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="But surprise there's no coffee in it, just OJ! (I don't like coffee :( )"][/caption]


Do you enjoy coffee?

I don't unfortunately. I love the idea of coffee though!

Are you a procrastinator? Do you feel like you do your best work at the last-minute?

I am definitely a procrastinator (obvs) and I don't think I do my best work at the last-minute. I always pull through with a decent, if not good grade, but I'm sure I could do better if I wasn't rushed at the last-minute to get the assignment done.

Until next time.... =)</span

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Successes

Why hello there!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday :)

I've made progress towards three of my five goals today. Yay!

  • Homework - I am actually working on my History of Rock and Roll class stuff prior to the night it's due (tomorrow).  Lately I have been putting it off until the last-minute and as a result not finishing the assigned reading or listening to the lecture which leads me to not doing the greatest on my quiz and BSing my way through the discussion board posts.  But not today, I've done both!  I'm currently working on my discussion board posts and then will be taking the quiz for the week.  Part of the reason this is getting done tonight is I have a 5 minute pro/con speech due tomorrow that I have barely started to work on.  Tomorrow after work will be devoted to working on that and then recording it.  (Speech class online, awesome? I think so ;) )

  • Blogging - I am posting for the second day in a row.  Woot Woot!  I apologize it isn't about anything super exciting.  Our oven is broke currently so there will not be any baking going on in my house until our new stove/oven arrives in a couple of weeks.  Guess you'll just have to suffer through my random thoughts for the day. ;)  I'm still looking for shrimp recipes so if you have one please let me know!

  • Mountain Dew - I have not had one today, unless you count the small amount that was mixed with the Cherry Dr. (Dr. Dew as my aunt and I call it).  I am taking this as a success because usually on a Sunday I would be enjoying a few Mountain Dews (YUM!).  Especially when there is a family dinner at my grandparents'.

In other awesome news Alexis (check out her blog here) enlightened me how to change the font and font color in my blog.  She even posted the step-by-step instructions (with awesomesauce screen shots) on her blog.  Simple things in life make me happy/excited so I am super happy/excited that I know how to do this.  Thank you again Alexis!

I must get back to my history of rock and roll class before I find more ways to avoid doing the work.  Sorry my blog isn't very interesting right now...I just feel frazzled right now and even though I want to work on posting more consistently I need to make school my priority right now.


What is one blog you highly recommend and think I should check out??

In a bit more than a month I will be able to renew my contract with AT&T and get a new phone.  What are your thoughts on Blackberry, iPhone, and Droid phones??

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shrimp Recipe??

Wow it's been a while since I've posted, sorry :( I am going to work on this, promise!

And speaking of things to work on I have a few other things I need to work on.

  • Homework - Just like with my blog posting I've been putting homework off.  I am getting it done though, just very rushed at the last-minute.  As a result it is obviously not my best work.

  • Cleaning - My room is a mess and needs to be cleaned, badly.

  • Work outs - I've been making excuses to not work out, bad idea.

  • Mountain Dew - I've been drinking it when I want and as often as I want.  Empty calories are not helping me reach my weight loss goals.  I'm going to start working on cutting back to 2 (12oz) sodas per week.

Four things to work one, well five including the more consistent blogging, will be enough for me to work on for the rest of the month.  Too many goals will make me go into overload and I'll fail miserably.

Now to the title of my blog.  Do you have any recipes for shrimp? With Lent right around the corner seafood is starting to go on sale so it seems like the perfect time to try out a new seafood recipe.  I really like shrimp so I would like to find a recipe for that.  If you have any suggestions or any suggestions of where I could look for a shrimp recipe let me know!  I enjoy pasta and rice so the shrimp could be paired with either one of those.

Sorry for the short post but I don't want to bore you with all the boring details of my life since my last post.  I will definitely work on posting more consistently so this doesn't happen again.

Another question for you do you change the font color when posting a blog??  I see others doing and haven't been able to figure out how to do it myself. Please help!

Update: Thanks to Alexis I now know how to change the font color in my blog. Yay!