Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Fragile Than You Think

This evening I got a text from my friend Chelsea that read, "Someone called me unattractive at work tonight. Ik he was giving me grief but now I feel disgusting."  This girl is absolutely beautiful and doesn't need to be concerned about her weight but the fact that someone said this to her even jokingly obviously affected her negatively.  She's one tough cookie so don't think this is a girl who constantly worries about what other people think, or that she is always upset about things people say about her.
Chelsea :)
I just wanted to share this to remind everyone that even though someone may know you're joking with them saying something negative about them can affect them negatively.  It breaks my heart that someone as beautiful as she is would feel that way about herself after a comment like that.

We're all more fragile than we like to think we are so remember when you want to jokingly say something negative about someone that it may hurt them and don't do it.  This person who told Chelsea that she is unattractive tonight will probably never know that their joke made her doubt herself.

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Antoszewskia said...

Aw. I 100 % agree with this post. Don't say things to hurt people even if your pissed. We all do and say things we can't control in a fit of rage but really, say your sorry and really mean it. It can be really hurtful if you dont.