Sunday, February 26, 2012

Workout Recap 2/16-2/24

I meant to post a workout recap last weekend but it never happened.  Then this week I ended up with the start of a cold on Wednesday which has continued.  I am on day 5 of being sick and am hoping it is coming to an end soon because I don't know how much more of this I can take.

My last post was about my first meeting with my Commit to Fit coach Al so I'll pick up with my workout recap on Thursday the 16th.

Thurs. 16th - 30 minutes stationary bike, 6.07 miles, level 8 resistance

Fri. 17th - 18 minutes stationary bike, 4.53 miles, level 8 resistance
                First double workout.  Per Al's instructions I only did 1 set of 10 reps of the following.
  1. Leg Press 130#
  2. Leg Curl 70#
  3. Leg Extension 60#
  4. Hip Adduction 80#
  5. Hip Abduction 80#
  6. Vertical Press 60#
  7. Incline Press 50#
  8. Pec Fly 40#
  9. Compound Row 60#
  10. Super Pullover 60#
  11. Overhead Press 40#
  12. Lateral Raise 60#
  13. Tricep Press 80#
  14. Preacher Curl 45#
  15. Lower Back 60#
  16. Abdominal Curl 50#
  17. Rotary Torso (left & right) 40#
                25 minutes elliptical, 1.99 miles, level 3 resistance

Tues. 21st - 35 minutes stationary bike, 7.67 miles, level 8 resistance

Wed. 22nd - 13 minutes stationary bike, 3.2 miles, level 8 resistance
                   Weight Circuit (same as above)

Thurs. 23rd - 35 minutes stationary bike, 7.66 miles, level 8 resistance

Fri. 24th - 15 minutes treadmill, .88 miles, 1% incline, 3.5mph
                Weight Circuit (same as above)
               20 minutes elliptical, 1.55 miles

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays I workout with Chelsea at 8:30am.  Wednesday I either workout with Chelsea at 6pm or alone right after class is over at 5:15pm.  My plan has been to workout on Mondays right after class but this past Monday I simply woke up late and forgot to pack my gym clothes and now today I am debating if working out after class tomorrow is in my best interest with being sick for so many days now.

I am finally starting to feel better, or at least I am taking DayQuil on a regular schedule so my symptoms are less severe, but maybe I need another day of rest from working out?  What are your thoughts?

I'm off to read a chapter for my managerial economics class that I have a test for this week.  Need to try and study for it but it's completely online so that will be tough.  Wish me luck!

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HollieisFueledByLOLZ said...

Looks like an awesome workout week to me girl. Great job! I'm so excited you are getting into it again :)

Living N Learning said...

Thanks Hollie! It means a lot to me that you think it looks like an awesome workout week.

Corrie Anne said...

Uggh... sounds like the classes my husband has to study for. Being on DayQuil sucks. Hope you're feeling better. Great workouts!