Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday you are not my friend

I am really struggling today. I feel motivated and eager to do everything I can't do right now.

After an off week last week I am feeling motivated to get back into my routine of hitting the gym 4 days per week. I really need to do a post to give credit to all the bloggers who inspire and motivate me soon!

After doing nothing school related since Friday I have the urge to prepare for my Tuesday/Thursday class (which I despise!). I have my public speaking class tonight but after missing last week due to being sick and a snow day (yes in college!) I am just not feeling it.

After slacking on blogging for a week now I have the urge to post about last week but I don't really have the time to do that until I get home. I really want to right now but know it would be a pretty crappy post if I did it from my phone (as I'm doing this one).

Funny how when I can't do something it's all I can think about doing.

Monday just isn't my friend. I really would have enjoyed another day of being a lazy bum. But I guess we have to start the week some time.

I hope to write up a better post this evening! See you all then. Thanks for "listening" to my rambling that I wanted to get out quickly at work where I'm dying to be done.

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HollieisFueledByLOLZ said...

OH girl-I totally feel ya. Glad you could get some sort of updated post and I hope you can get another one later. :)