Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fight Like A Girl

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all doing well.

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I went snowmobiling with my daddy-o for the last time this season.  It turned out to be quite the interesting ride when my dad's snowmobile broke.  While it could still run and move finishing the ride with it would have been a bad idea.  We left his sled in the yard of someone who lives right on the trail.  Don't worry we know the family, but even if we didn't when someone lets the snowmobile trail go right through their yard it is a pretty safe bet that they won't get too excited about a strange snowmobile sitting in their yard.  Daddy-o and I finished our ride by riding double on my brother's snowmobile, which I had been driving.  It was like revisiting the old days because my dad and I used to ride together all the time before I could drive/we had enough snowmobiles for everyone to drive.  Being 20 made things quite a bit different, as in I barely fit on the seat behind my dad.  But we did it, we went to a bar for lunch as planned and then rode together the whole way home.  After getting home we hooked the trailer to our truck and picked up our sled.

By this time the people who owned the house were home and their son came out to visit.  Come to find out his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer the week before.  It was rather eerie because my family had just found out the day before (Thursday) that my grandma (dad's mom) was diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  More specifically, my grandma has two different types of breast cancer, one in each breast.  This brings to the title of my blog.  Fight Like A Girl is a song by Bomshel that was released in early 2009 that I love.  One part of the song really touches me now that my grandma has been diagnosed with cancer.  "Ten years of climbin' that ladder Oh, but money and power don't matter When the doctor said "the cancer spread" She holds on tight to her husband and babies And says "this is just another test God gave me.  And I know just how to handle this" I'll hold my head high I'll never let this define The light in my eyes Love myself, give it Hell I’ll take on this world Yes, I'll stand and be strong No, I'll never give up I will conquer with love And I'll fight like Like a girl!" If I remember correctly this coming Monday my grandma will find out how they will be treating her cancer.  Because of the two different types it makes treating it a bit difficult and this week has been about running more tests.  It is definitely a scary thing to know that someone in my family has cancer.

Here is the song, enjoy!

Bomshel has many good songs.  In particular I also like "19 and Crazy", "Just Fine", "Arizona", and "Just This Way".  I of course think you should check them out!

Onto a lighter note now...

My parents and I went out for dinner at Phil's Round 2 with two other couples and our neighbor.  One couple left shortly after dinner because they had brought their young daughter with them and she was ready to go home.  The rest of us stayed at the bar having a good time.  My parents and I were home by 12:40am while the other couple didn't get home until 2am, and they had a 35 minute drive!  There was talk about doing it again at a different location.  I had fun even if I was the youngest in the group so I will definitely be going again.

Unfortunately I woke up at 9am on Saturday feeling crummy.  My nose was stuffed up and my head hurt.  I don't know if it is possible for your ears to be "stuffed up" but that's what it felt like.  Instead of doing homework, which wouldn't you know it desperately needed to be done, I ended up barely moving from the couch that day and the next.  I ended up feeling pretty crummy until last night (Wednesday).  I hate colds, they make doing not so fun things like homework very difficult to do.  I somehow managed to get things done on time even if  it was at the very last-minute.

Tuesday I took a final exam for my marketing class.  I am now holding my breath waiting for the grade.  Send positive vibes my way!

On an awesome note I met with my adviser at school this morning and right before leaving I found out that as long as there are no major glitches I will be graduating in three semesters!! YAYAY! :-D I am excited...but at the same time it makes me a little nervous.  My mom does not want me working at my current place of employment as a long-term career so graduating means I would soon be starting a job search.  And another thing to be nervous excited about would be the apartment search.  Being done with college and having a full-time job would mean it is time for me to spread my wings and fly out of the nest.  While that will be exciting, definitely exciting, it makes me nervous.  To be honest I didn't think I would be moving out into an apartment alone.  Prior to the breakup I went through in October I thought whenever I moved out it would be with the guy.  But enough about the past, I just have to look to the future and deal with things as they come.

It is now time to put my brain to work.  While I am technically on spring break (since Wednesday at 12am) I have assignments that will be due after break and two upcoming exams that I need to prepare for so I want to get a jump on working on that stuff instead of putting it off to the last-minute.  While I did really well on my first exam in my organizational behavior class I wouldn't mind doing better.  And I didn't do as well as I would have liked on my first exam in history of rock and roll so I definitely want to and need to do better.

Now that I am recovered from my cold I will get back to blogging on a regular basis, no worries! ;)

Questions for you...

Do you have a song that always seems to bring your emotions out, possibly making you cry, whenever you listen to it?

"Fight Like A Girl" is definitely that song for me.  Depending on the mood I'm already in it is possible that tears will come to my eyes.  But on the other hand it also makes me feel tough, especially the line "kick a$$ and take names".

How do you study if you're currently in college, or if you've graduated how did you study?

I have honestly never been one to study.  I have tried but it usually is just reading over notes and trying to memorize as much as I can.  I could use your help people!

Until next time...


Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

I have to take 1 hour sessions of studying. I can't focus for more than an hour so I have to start really early and do a lot more on weekends. It works well for me...but also there isn't a lot you study for math.

antoszewskia said...

Holy cow, I'm sorry about all that sad news!
~~~~Positive Vibs for all of that(Including your test)~~~~

The song that makes me cry is "For good" from Wicked. Holy cow. If you listen to that song, and thing about a friend/family member that you don't get to see very much I can promise you'll cry. As for that song-- I have to wait till the internet here is a little faster-- Damn basketball streamers.

Oh gosh, my studying habits are really scattered. I had all intentions of studying all the way leading up to the test but somehow it never gets done.. I think its just cause i've got way too much going on for my own good lol. So usually it gets done a few days before where i crank out like 8-12 hours of good studying a day and then see how it goes.. Psh I so Shouldnt be that way! GAH!

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

So during your 1-hour study sessions how do you actually study? Just review your notes, quiz yourself...? I suppose it depends on the subject how you'd study too.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Thank you for the positive vibes, much appreciated.

I'll have to check this song out you speak off ;)

When you do study how do you do it; review your notes, quiz yourself...?

AntosDoesLife said...

First of all, I am SO sorry about your grandma. :( She will definitely be in my prayers and my thoughts! :(

When I was in college I spent 1 entire year studying for a large amount of my days...just ask Alexis, she was there.

What I did was slowly go over lectures, one at a time, and highlight in different colors while trying to memorize the information. They say that different colors help you learn better. I am also a very visual person so reading the information doesn't help me, I often had to close my eyes and visualize the page or the concept in my head. Other than that, I reviewed over and over and over again to help cement it. Studying with others is often helpful too, especially if you have someone to quiz you. Then you'll really know if you're getting the info...that was Lex's job when we lived together.

As far as songs, "What hurts the most" can almost always make me cry. "It's going down", "Go Getta", "Blow" by my girl Ke$ha, and the "Black and Yellow G Mix" make me feel invincible.

Sorry this is a late comment...I had other priorities to take care of!

AntosDoesLife said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I got that e-mail about the basketball games. DUQ NET SUCKS.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Thank you very much Nikki!

Thanks for sharing your study habits with me. I'm glad I wasn't so far off base with how I already study compared to how everyone else seems to study.

"What Hurts The Most" is such a good song! Definitely will make me sad, maybe cry.

Don't worry about the late comment, I do it all the time ;)