Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Successes

Why hello there!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday :)

I've made progress towards three of my five goals today. Yay!

  • Homework - I am actually working on my History of Rock and Roll class stuff prior to the night it's due (tomorrow).  Lately I have been putting it off until the last-minute and as a result not finishing the assigned reading or listening to the lecture which leads me to not doing the greatest on my quiz and BSing my way through the discussion board posts.  But not today, I've done both!  I'm currently working on my discussion board posts and then will be taking the quiz for the week.  Part of the reason this is getting done tonight is I have a 5 minute pro/con speech due tomorrow that I have barely started to work on.  Tomorrow after work will be devoted to working on that and then recording it.  (Speech class online, awesome? I think so ;) )

  • Blogging - I am posting for the second day in a row.  Woot Woot!  I apologize it isn't about anything super exciting.  Our oven is broke currently so there will not be any baking going on in my house until our new stove/oven arrives in a couple of weeks.  Guess you'll just have to suffer through my random thoughts for the day. ;)  I'm still looking for shrimp recipes so if you have one please let me know!

  • Mountain Dew - I have not had one today, unless you count the small amount that was mixed with the Cherry Dr. (Dr. Dew as my aunt and I call it).  I am taking this as a success because usually on a Sunday I would be enjoying a few Mountain Dews (YUM!).  Especially when there is a family dinner at my grandparents'.

In other awesome news Alexis (check out her blog here) enlightened me how to change the font and font color in my blog.  She even posted the step-by-step instructions (with awesomesauce screen shots) on her blog.  Simple things in life make me happy/excited so I am super happy/excited that I know how to do this.  Thank you again Alexis!

I must get back to my history of rock and roll class before I find more ways to avoid doing the work.  Sorry my blog isn't very interesting right now...I just feel frazzled right now and even though I want to work on posting more consistently I need to make school my priority right now.


What is one blog you highly recommend and think I should check out??

In a bit more than a month I will be able to renew my contract with AT&T and get a new phone.  What are your thoughts on Blackberry, iPhone, and Droid phones??


Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

I'm seriously not a fan of any sort of fancy phones because I'm slightly slow in how to work them. I wish I was joking but I have mass difficulty.

Congrats on all of your accomplishments of the day! Hopefully you'll be able to blog tomorrow too! :)

I love Caits blog

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

It feels good to be accomplishing something with my day instead of "wasting" it away doing things that won't get me any closer to achieving my goals, or just doing better with things I want to improve on. I hope I am able to blog tomorrow too!

I'm checking the blog out now! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie @ Food in Real Life said...

I posted for 2 days in a row too! WOOHOO! I love lots of blogs and they are on the blogroll on my site! Also, I just got an iphone and it is AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING! (I've had a blackberry and it doesn't compare)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

What do you like better about the iPhone vs Blackberry??

I will definitely check out your blog roll :)

antoszewskia said...

I agree with Jamie, I just got my Iphone for Verizon and its AMAZING. I wouldn't trade it for anything.. Nikki's all about the Droid-- which is a good option but I really like having internet, music phone and everything in one.... Droid doesn't!

Yay for blogging 2 days in a row.. and thanks for tagging me.. i wondered why i had 15 views on my blog today-- normally its like 1. Literally. Probably you or nikki-- or myself hahahah.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Hmmm I'm going to have a tough decision to make in April. I think part of my decision will be made based on how much I will have to increase the cost of my monthly plan by. If choosing any of them is the same amount then I'm in trouble lol.

Unless you're not logged in when you look at your blog it doesn't count towards your views. Glad I could send some people your way by tagging you :)

AntosDoesLife said...

Oh em gee. Totally hate you alexis for saying Droid doesn't. DROID TOTALLY DOES.

AntosDoesLife said...

Droid does. Just sayin' ;)