Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real Quick...

Just wanted to post a quick little something so I can keep up with the 5 days/week blogging thing.

  • Blogging - Monday and today...guess that means I need to blog every day for the rest of the week as I already didn't blog Sunday and now yesterday.

  • Nutrition - Logged pretty much everything in Spark on Monday but now haven't done it yesterday or today.  Buuut I have been watching my portion sizes.  Staying away from Mountain Dew has been a fail except for yesterday.  Moving on to tomorrow, not going to beat myself up about it.

  • Fitness - Monday I took my dog for a 33 minute walk.  We made it 1.89 miles.  Yesterday due to yucky weather I did nothing.  I should have done something today but it was like a half-day snow day for me so I ended up being rather lazy.  On the bright side, my mom and I have talked about where we could put the Wii in our basement for quite some time but never followed through with our plan but today we came up with a new plan.  This new plan is much more attainable than the last one so I have a good feeling it will be happening soon which means I'll have no excuse to not use the Wii as a form of indoor exercise.

  • Weigh in - Did not weigh in yesterday as planned.  My grandma called me right at 9 when I was going to be getting out of bed and invited me over for breakfast (waffles yum!) and to use her oven as our new one still has not arrived.  I made 3 loafs (is this the correct "term"?? Spell check doesn't like this word for some reason??) of banana bread, sooo good.  I will for sure weigh in tomorrow or Friday.

  • Weather - Like I mentioned in my last blog there was some yucky weather headed my way and it came in full force.  It snowed pretty hard yesterday morning, stopped for a while, and then snowed in the afternoon into the night.  It was like a thunderstorm but instead of rain it was snow falling from the sky.  This resulted in my dog being scared and keeping me and my dad up the whole night between the two of us.  This morning it took my dad an hour to make it to work (normally 30 minutes or less) with a 4-wheel drive truck.  Yea, that's how bad it was.  So my mom and I called in to say we would be in no later than 10.  We work at the same place so we rode together in one car and ended up making it there by 8:30.  My mom's boss later decided that anyone who didn't live in town should really consider leaving early; translation = my mom should go home.  We left at 1, meaning I only got 4 hours of work in so I will have to go in tomorrow to make up the 3 hours I missed but I will probably work 4 as I was planning to today for an even 8 hours.

  • Laptop - After work tomorrow I am going to get a new laptop.  There is nothing really wrong with my current laptop other than it occasionally likes to blue screen on me (usually late at night for some reason??) so I am getting a new (better) laptop and will let my family use my old one for as long as it lasts, which with their light use it will probably be ok for a while.

Wow so that turned into a longer "little" update that I was planning.  Anyways, I'm off to finish making my bed from last night...I was lucky I got the fitted sheet on my bed last night before my dog jumped on my bed and laid down, not that I'm complaining because prior to this he wouldn't lay down and was pacing and panting.

And real quick, new readers thanks for checking out my blog and leaving comments!  I enjoy comments and am glad to see new readers commenting.  Keep 'em coming!!


Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

YAY I love new readers as well.

I hope your weigh in goes well girl, you have really been making strides and doing so much better. I can't stay away from Mountain Dew either. Small bad habit twinnies hehe. ;)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I hope my weigh in goes well too...It will be tomorrow as I didn't have time this morning. Yay twinnies!

Thanks again for sending some new readers my way :)

adventuresofpretendcook said...

Good luck on your weigh in. Don't beat yourself up about the little things. Every day (and every meal) is an opportunity to make a different choice. I usually don't feel like working out on crappy weather days either. They always make me so tired.

preobrazhenskii said...

We dog owners have something in common, we luv the walks and the race for the bed on an evening.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Thank you! I am definitely working on changing my attitude about the "little things"...I need to stop beating myself up about them or thinking "well I messed up already what does it matter if I mess up the rest of the day".

Crappy weather days are definitely the best for not working out...they just put me in a poor mood that makes me not want to work out.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

My dog usually sleeps outside but because of the "storm" he was in for the night and he usually sleeps upstairs in the living room than in my room with me. But you're right, dog lovers love the walks :)

Nikki said...

Loooove it! Boo to snow! I want spring and summer and fall STAT!

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Boo to snow is right! While I love the winter months there comes a point where I am ready to move on.