Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blah Blah Blah~Ke$ha (Thanks iPod on Shuffle for my blog title)

Good evening's been a bit longer than I had hoped since my last post (so much for the 5 days/week :( )  I honestly just haven't had anything that I really wanted to write about...and I really still don't.  What do you do if you have nothing "worth" writing about; post a blog just because or take a few days off?

Thursday I did go to Best Buy and get my new laptop.  As soon as I got home I was of course taking it out of the box and getting it all set up. Everything was working just fine and dandy for me until this morning when I turned it on for the first time.  It had just started up and installed some updates when it blue screened on me.  I was shocked and seriously upset.  Alexis helped to calm me by letting me know that it could just not have recognized the start-up (which sometimes happens) and that as long as it didn't happen again soon it should be alright.  I seriously don't know what I would do without my tech-savy friends sometimes.  I'm not horrible when it comes to computers but there are just some things I need someone smarter than me.  For instance moving my music library from the iTunes on my old laptop to the iTunes on my new laptop...Putting the music files on my flash drive should work right??  But then my next question is, how to I get the music into iTunes?? Sorry if that's a totally dumb question and has a super easy answer to it.

Friday my dad and I went fishing by dams where the water is open.  Because of the snow storm we had on Tuesday there was A LOT of snow to walk through to get from the roads to the water.  I guess plowing those areas out isn't something they're concerned with.  It was a good work out though...I'm talking knee-deep snow.  Unfortunately no fish were caught :(  I did take pictures of the geese at one of the fishing spots but haven't uploaded them onto my computer yet so I can't post them to my blog.  Which is another thing I have to move from my old computer to my new one, pictures.  And I need to figure out how to install the camera program on my new laptop.

My dad and I ate lunch at Freddy's Pub & Grill; both of us having chimis (shredded beef for my dad and shredded chicken for me).  It was soooo good!  I'm sure it helped that I had forgotten to eat breakfast because I woke up late to be ready to go fishing.  Dinner was a home-made fish fry with the fish we had in the freezer from prior, more successful, fishing trips during the winter.  Usually we have home-made french fries with our fish fry but we didn't have enough potatoes to make french fries so we used frozen waffle fries.  I don't know what it is about waffle fries but I really really love them.  Strange that I could like different styles of fries more than others even though they're all made out of the same thing, potatoes.

Today has been a pretty uneventful day other than my freak out this morning about the blue screen.  I actually read the text for my history of rock and roll class last night and then today I listened to the lecture, took the quiz (13/15), posted to the discussion board, and responded to two other student's posts.  All of this was due either Monday or Wednesday so I feel great having it done already today.

Tomorrow I will be working ahead a week by reading the text, listening to the lecture, and doing the discussion board posting so that I can use the next two weeks to work on my organizational behavior class.  My next exam is coming up and I have yet to do any of the work (readings & assignments).  Because this class does not have weekly assignments, unlike history of rock and roll, it's very easy to put off doing the work until right before the exam.  I also need to look at my speech class to find out when the next unit has things due.  I am going to do my best to NOT put off doing the speech until the night before because as we all know that did not work out very well last time at all ;)

Starting this week I will only meet at school for class on Thursdays from 11-1:30 which means I will have Tuesdays off.  I am thinking I might work a full 8 hour day (8-4:30) on Mondays rather than just 7 (8-3).  Or maybe I should start going in for a couple of hours on Tuesdays?  I mean I did just spend quite a bit of money on a new laptop that I didn't REALLY need... Ugh I don't know.  On one hand I think I should work more hours to make more money and help out my department but on the other hand in my perfect world I would use the time off from school and work to work on homework/studying.  Realistically we know I don't use the extra free time to be working on school.  Maybe if I had a fuller schedule I would be more on top of my school work because I would only have limited time to work on it??  Who knows...

Sorry for the completely random and boring post about my life...Like I said I had nothing I really wanted to write about :(


When planning to make a semi-expensive/expensive purchase do you get nervous?

Thursday leaving work to go to Best Buy I was very nervous and I think it was because I was spending quite a bit of money on something that I didn't need.  I didn't leave the store feeling much better because the employee that helped me made me feel rather dumb.  I walked in there knowing what I wanted and told him that.  He went on to ask me a bunch of questions like "Do you need anti-virus or Microsoft Office?"  "You sure you know what you want, did you do your research?" UGH!! I was thinking to myself the whole time "Yes!!! I know what I want and if I needed something else I would ask for it!!"

I guess I should clarify that it was more the way that the guy a Best Buy was asking me these questions that irritated me more than the actual questions he was asking me.  I do love a good helpful employee at a store, don't get me wrong!

Are you tech-savy or do you rely on tech-savy friends to help you out with those things?  If you aren't tech-savy do you try to learn from your tech-savy friends?

Like I mentioned before I'm not horrible when it comes to computers but there are things I definitely ask for help on.  Thank goodness for Alexis lately :)  I'm super happy that I "met" you through your sister's blog!

Check out Alexis's blog here!

Until next time peeps!


Alexis said...

Haha remind me tomorrow to "teach you" the iPod thing. I am a tech savvy person for sure! I do struggle with techy things here and there but that's why I have Kevin. Lol

Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

I'm not too tech savvy myself. I really need to work on that and rude employees make me so intimidated. Sometimes I wish more types of stores got paid on commission so people would be more friendly-but then again I don't want to be harassed to buy something like that would start as well.

As far as blogging-I normally just ramble interesting points off of my day-sometimes I'm exciting sometimes, not so much. I wonder why people read it actually ha.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

LOL I am ready to learn master of the technology ;)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I agree with everything you said about the store employees! Usually those Best Buy people are on you right when you step in their department but not yesterday...3 BB guys walked by me (not sure if they were busy??) and I had to wait for the guy that was already helping someone else.

I read cuz I find it interesting to read about how other people spend their days, especially in different parts of the country.

Jess said...

I definitely take a few days off of blogging if I'm not feeling it. That way I feel like when I do post, it's worth it:)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Thanks for the comment!

I am going to be reading Water for Elephants as soon as I can (I'm #4 on the request list @ the library) because of reading your review of it :)