Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Goals

Sorry for the non-existent blog posts lately.  Procrastinating on school work has just caught up with me recently so I've been super stressed out.  I have no excuses though, I brought it on my self.

But in other news I have set some new mini-goals for myself.  I used a handy-dandy tool on Spark that helps you figure out how much weight you can lose by a certain date to come up with these goals.  I know I want to lose weight by my 21st birthday which is June 18th so I put that date in and that I wanted to lose 1 pound/week.  Spark's calculator says I can be 179 pounds by then if I work out 3 days/week for 30 minutes/day.  The next goal date I gave myself was September 6th when I start the fall semester of school.  Spark says I can be 168 pounds by then.  And the last goal date I gave myself was Christmas.  According to Spark I'll be able to be 152 pounds by then.  Only 2 pounds away from my goal of 150 pounds!

If I lose more than 1 pound/week I'm definitely OK with that (of course!) but I would really like to lose at least 1 pound/week.

Now my plan of attack to lose that 1 pound every week will look something like this:

  • Nutrition ~ Watch portion sizes, eat more fruits & veggies, drink 8 glasses of water, limit soda (HUGE battle for me), limit desserts or at least portion sizes of them

  • Fitness ~ Cardio 3 days/week (walking, running, EA Active), weights 4 days/week (one day each: full body, upper, lower, core)

I know I have made plans before and just not followed through but I'm getting really frustrated with myself for doing absolutely nothing to achieve my goals to live a healthier lifestyle.  I'm going to work on channeling this frustration into motivation to follow through with this plan.

No more putting it off!  I will start this afternoon when I get home from work.  I plan to run as much as I can for 1.89 miles with my dog Duke.  Tomorrow will be a day of weights (I forgot what part of the body it is though lol) and Friday I will hit up some cardio again.

I can do this and I need to not use school as an excuse.  School should be an excuse to work out as I am currently stressed out about it and working out will be a good stress reliever.

I'll do my best to check in and update y'all with my progress soon!  School isn't over for me until May 19th so bear with me until then if my posts are scarce or super short.

Until next time...

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