Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Results Are In

Good morning!

Once again I am sorry for the week delay in my next post.  Here's a little catch up with what's been going on in my life.

Wednesday I worked, nothing spectacular.  Watched Survivor Redemption Island with the family and probably thought about working on homework but never got around to it.

Thursday I had my first Managing Global Organizations class from 11-1:30.  I think I will like the professor but it sounds like this class will be a lot of work :(  Prior to going to class I was trying to read all of chapter 1, that didn't go so well.  After I got home I can't remember what I did so obviously it was nothing productive, whoops!

Friday I worked from 8-2 and planned on coming home and getting my homework done that was due that night.  If you're thinking "Yeah right she didn't get it done" you are absolutely correct.  I've mentioned in a previous blog that I'm a NASCAR fan so when my dad had practice on I was getting hooked into watching that instead of working on my homework.  My mom had won a basket at church (it was a silent auction) that had a $25 gift certificate to Homestead Inn (a bar we go to occasionally for Friday night fish).  At work she had already mentioned wanting to go there which is part of the reason why I was planning to get the Friday night homework done right when I got home.  But anyways, we went out to dinner and ended up staying out until 11.

Saturday morning I wake up at 8 and am thinking to myself gotta bust out this homework you didn't do last night.  Of course plans changed.  I ended up going to town with my parents for the morning before meeting up with Jackie and her two children Lane (7) and Lauren (3) to go see the movie Hop.  We had seen them at Homestead the night before and when Jackie mentioned she had no plans for the weekend I asked if she would want to take the kids to the movie with me, she said yes obviously.  It was a cute movie and I thought it was good.  I was a bit frustrated though, Jackie mentioned that she'd pay for my ticket and we'll figure out something for food when we get in there.  I'm thinking OK that's fine.  But when we get in the theater she's just like "I'm going to get food" so I give her $15, which is all I had on me in cash.  I didn't expect her to use it all!  She comes back and had gotten the big bucket of popcorn and the two big sodas and didn't give me any change!  Lane ate 3/4 of the pop corn and the one soda was for the kids to share, the other was mine because of the caffeine.  I would have rather paid for my $7 movie ticket than $15 for the food.  I know she had to pay a lot more for tickets because she had herself and two kids (which are $6.50, 50 cents cheaper?!) but she didn't ask if it was OK if she just used my money to pay for the food.  I guess that's what irritates me the most is that she didn't communicate what her plan really was for the food situation.

Finally when I got home from the movie I got my homework done that was due Friday.  After that all of my productivity went down the tubes.  If I recall correctly I spent the rest of my weekend with my nose stuffed in a book.  I finished Riding Lessons towards the end of the week, started and finished Flying Changes probably Thursday/Friday-Saturday, and then started The Horse Whisperer Sunday.  I'll see what I can do about writing up some reviews.  I forgot to stop at the library yesterday to pick up Water for Elephants so I will definitely be doing that after work tomorrow!

And now onto yesterday!  I worked 7:30-2:30 so I could arrive at my doctor appointment on time.  At the end of the visit my doctor talks to me about my cholesterol, which I had blood drawn for last week (mentioned in So much to say, so little time).  It's a bit high, 236 when it should be 200 or less.  But on the bright side my good cholesterol is good at 66 (I can't remember what it's supposed to be over).  And then again on the downside there is something that is a bit higher than it should be, but because I have 0-1 risk factors it's OK where it is.  I'm sorry I don't have a better explanation for you all, this is just what I remember.  Anyways, she wants to check it again in a year.  Oh!  And she brought up my weight, said it had gone up since last time.  I was like "Yeah and your scale sucks because just last week I was 187 and now I'm 195!"  We decided it was the shoes and clothes because when I weigh myself at home I only wear shorts and a t-shirt, nothing heavy.  But still she wants to see my weight go down, and the dieting and exercising would help the cholesterol go down.  Guess I'm now under a bit of pressure to really see some results in a year with my weight loss.  Wish me luck!

Now it is time to buckle down on my homework.  I am not turning the TV on today so it cannot be a distraction.  I have so much to do so if I can make today really productive I will have a weight lifted off of my shoulders.


When you're unmotivated to do something you have to do, like homework, do you set up a reward for yourself to help motivate you?

I'm kind of thinking being able to watch TV with my family in the evening might be a good reward for me since that's what I like to use to distract myself from homework.

How do you deal with what feels like an overwhelming work load?

If I made a list of everything I need to get done this week it would be super long, and just seems like I can't get it done unless I ONLY work on homework whenever I'm not in class or at work.

Looking forward to reading your answers about these questions!

Until next time...


antoszewskia said...

Oh gosh, I wouldn't get ANYTHING done if I didn't "Reward" myself. Although usually my reward is blogging/doing my nails/watching tv.

Um, lets see. How do I deal with an "Overwhelming work load". 1. Text You. 2. Focus and get shit done. If neither of those work I resort to 3. Cry.

No but honestly a good cry usually does help me sleep which is usually the reason why I feel overwhelmed in the first place... like last night.

Ps. I bought the ant farm. We can share it from however many states away.

Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

I set up a reward system. If I don't math will not get done. It normally consists of for every hour I spend doing work, I can read 30 minutes of blogs or watch TV. Sometimes it works...sometimes I just read lots of blogs.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Those are good rewards to have! Now I just need to stop rewarding myself before I've earned the reward.

Awwwww you made me blush when you said 1. text me :) Please do tell me how you just make yourself focus and get shit done cuz I don't know how :(

You bought the ant farm!?!? Sooo glad we're sharing it :-D

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I should definitely try that out! Reading a lot of blogs is what I did today, very little homework got done after lunch today. I found the blog Life of bLyss, blame her ;)

AntosDoesLife said...

Your cholesterol will go down with weight loss! This is your personal PA speaking. Exercise and diet are the best ways to do this! :)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

That's the plan, exercise and diet. My own personal PA, how awesome! :)