Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm stressing out...I've been procrastinating a ton lately and this week I am feeling all of that building up on me and making me stress out.  I'm behind on assignments and am actually posting/turning them in late.  It's so easy to do when the discussion board doesn't become locked and the drop boxes don't become locked either.  It's horrible though, I feel crappy about doing it.  I have a test to take by midnight tomorrow and another one by Friday at midnight, which I need to get done way before then because I'm going out.  But anyways, I'm stressing big time and just wanted to get it out there.  Tomorrow after getting my phone I will have to peel it away from my hands so I can focus on doing a speech prep form that is really due tonight, take a test, and study my butt off for another test I have Thursday.

Blah...that is how I feel.  But I'm going to try to de-stress by reading before going to sleep.

Until next time...whenever that will be, maybe this weekend??


Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

I hope you got some stress out. I find that laying in bed before I actually go to bed and painting my nails or just relaxing and focusing on something that I really enjoy works well. Normally I just lay in bed and stare in the mirror and tell me self how I cool I am...bahahaha.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I would agree that laying in bed doing something relaxing definitely works for me as well. Only problem with reading is I sometimes stay up way too late then!

If I had a mirror I would do the same thing ;)

itsthecookiemonster said...

omg i know exactly how you feel! its exam season for me but im doing my best at all! i don't study until the night before! thats cramming 4 months of work into one night! i know, not my smartest move.

but don't stress! everything will be alright! i find that once i sit down at my desk for a while, i can actually ground myself and study. the hard part is just getting started :) the rest is easy as cake