Sunday, April 17, 2011

Samsung Captivate Stole The Show

Well it's Sunday already, weekend is almost over booo!  I have more than enough homework left to do but of course I'm feeling tired and lazy so productivity will be hard to come by.  Thing is, I have the itch to clean today.  Weird?  I think so.  I don't want to be productive when it comes to homework but I want to clean??

So anyways my last post I was stressing out about all of the work I had to do.  Let's just say after that I got to an "I don't give a rat's butt any more" mood.  Tuesday I had a speech prep form due, I haven't done that yet.  Thursday I had to respond to my group member's speech prep forms, haven't done that yet.  I need to do a discussion post that was due Tuesday that I was having technical difficulties with.  And tomorrow my speech, the one I haven't even started to look at yet, is due.  And to add the cherry on top of all of these things that were due this last week that I haven't done yet I need to start work for this week again.  School is just a never-ending cycle and being a procrastinator means you always feel behind, even though you think about working on things and being productive to be on top of things.

Once I am done writing this post I will be hitting the books...while watching the race.  So that means I'll probably be trying to work on things but will get very little done until after the race.

In other news, Wednesday after I was done with work at 3pm I went to the AT&T store to renew my contract and pick out a new phone.  As you recall I had posted earlier about either a Blackberry Torch or iPhone.  Well neither of them won.  I arrive at the store and tell the man, Michael, what I'm there for (to renew my contract and get a new phone).  So when Michael asks what phone I want I tell him I've been thinking BB Torch or iPhone.  He tells me he doesn't think I'll like the BB for what I want to do (texting, Facebook, Twitter) and that he personally doesn't like the iPhone (he told me some reasons why but I can't remember).  He tells me about the phone he has, the Samsung Captivate.  About 45 minutes to an hour later I'm sold on the Captivate.

When Michael looks at my account on the computer he tells me it looks like you're out of contract and are not eligible for an upgrade until July.  I'm like "whaaat Louie said I could upgrade on 4/13!"  Louie is another AT&T employee, or he was not sure if he's still with the company, who I had seen towards the end of 2010 or early 2011 and asked when I could upgrade.  So while I'm kind of freaking out Michael assures me that even if he can't get corporate to authorize the upgrade with my current phone number worst case I can cancel that number and get a new number, for no extra cost.  Well the worst case happened, the woman Michael called said she's send me a phone but what that really  means is it's refurbished and that's not what I want.  The woman was rude to Michael as well so he was going to report her...she said "What part of she's not eligible for an upgrade do you not understand?"  Oh yea, she said that to him all because he said "Well she'll just open a new line on her account to get her upgrade if you won't leave her keep her number" which he was basically saying either way this customer is getting what she wants today but you could be nice and help her out by letting her keep her number.

I was a bit sad to have to let my number go, it was the easiest number in the world to remember and I had it since I got my phone which was when I was like 12-years-old.  But the sadness quickly went away when they found a sweet new number for me to have, 0288.  Dale Jr, my favorite driver in NASCAR, drive the #88 so as soon as I heard this number I was like "OMG OMG OMG yes please I want that number!"  Michael was awesome about my little freak out and even joked that I must just be cool because the receipt paper was at the end so it was striped, racing stripes haha.

I finally headed home at 5pm, 2 hours after arriving at the store.  Of course when I got home I wanted to do nothing but play with my phone so I was lucky to get my history of rock and roll test done.  Sadly I got a 60/100.  These tests are seriously hard.  You have to remember random facts about bands/artists that are discussed and stuff like that.

Thursday I went to my Managing Global Organizations class and took my first test of the class.  I studied the vocabulary like my professor had said to.  Turns out that wasn't very helpful, you need to study more than that.  But I did get a 76% which was slightly above the class average.  My professor left a note on D2L saying if you were at the average or above we were doing good but if not we needed to do better for the next test.  Whew, I'm doing good! :)

Friday after work I came home and took my Organizational Behavior test and scored at 90% (Thank you Lexie for telling me to take it instead of waiting for Saturday!).  Thank you professor for having the questions be only about the textbook readings so I can look up all the answers!  That night my parents and I went out with another couple and their son and his friend.  My dad was the DD (designated driver) so everyone was drinking.  The son and his friend drove separately so they left shortly after eating.  It was quite the night.

Because of the late night and drinking the night before Saturday (yesterday) was a very unproductive day unless you count watching DVR'd shows as being productive.  I watched The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Deadliest Catch, Survivor: Redemption Island, and How I Met Your Mother after I woke up at 10:30am.  Other than that a whole lot of nothing got done haha.

I will be doing a post about my current weight loss progress soon as I think that's what everyone is most interested in reading about on my blog, with a sprinkling of other things in my life.

No questions today...

Until next time!


Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

I agree completely-I switched phone competitions and I was very demanding in that I would not giving up my phone number at all. No way sirs.

Good luck in your work! I'm feeling lazy too. ha. :)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

It was a bunch of bull that I couldn't keep my number. I think it all had something to do with the fact that when I last renewed my contract it was under my mom's name still and then afterwards we transferred the service to my name. At least now it should all be set for the next time I can upgrade.

Lazy was an understatement for me today...nothing was accomplished :(

indecisiveathlete said...

I just got a new phone too! well it hasn't arrived yet but it should be here today or tomorrow and its a samsung too, the continuum soo excited. Idk what I'd do if I had to change my number idk if I could remember a new one

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I was worried I wouldn't be able to remember a new one but really my number stayed the same except for the last two numbers. And because those numbers = my favorite NASCAR driver it's easy to remember :) I think the harder part about changing numbers is remember to update all of your accounts that use your number lol.

ihearteggs said...

I fear changing phone companies and losign my number!!! It reminds me of the sex and the city movie where she got the "new" area code, I'd be in that same situation and Umm... No. I"m an old school girl! Lol

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I haven't seen Sex and the City (TV show or movies) so I'm not quite sure what this "new" area code is that you speak of lol.

It was quite the change when my family decided to no longer have a land line. Deleting my "Home" number from my cell phone contact list was a big deal!