Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baking Experiment

Saturday was a day filled with baking for me.  I was finally going to try out a recipe that had been calling my name for a while.

I found the recipe for a Red Velvet Cake at How Sweet It Is.  You can see the recipe I followed here.

The cake was paired with a Cream Cheese Frosting originally but I decided to use another frosting recipe I found at How Sweet It Is, a White Chocolate Frosting.  You can see the recipe for the frosting here - along with some yummy looking brownies.

I baked this cake under the supervision of my grandma.  And let me tell you it definitely came in handy to have her around when one of the cake pans overflowed a bit while baking so when it was time to remove the cake from the pan it stuck.  My grandma came to the rescue and got the cake out!

Here are some pictures of the finished product.
Thanks G-ma for making it look pretty!
mmmm frosting
Definitely a red cake!

Overall there were mixed reviews of this cake.  My mom had trouble getting past the red color.  I personally didn't think the cake had much of a taste to it - probably due to the small amount of cocoa?  I always thought a Red Velvet Cake was a chocolate cake that's colored red.  My dad ate it and thought it was alright.  One of my aunts thought it was really good.  My uncle enjoyed it as well.  My other aunt is a bit picky and nothing about the cake thrilled her at all - not even the white chocolate frosting because it was too "stiff".

This was the cake I thought I would be taking to work for a food day but after this run through I decided not to.  I decided to make a Devil's Food Cake with the same frosting.  Yesterday I spent the day at my grandma's baking since I would have no time today to bake and frost a cake.  Tomorrow is the big day where I get to find out what my co-workers think of my baking skills.

I'll probably do a post including the recipe that I followed sometime soon after the food day tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Questions for you...

Do you enjoy baking or cooking more?
Have you ever made a Red Velvet Cake?  How much cocoa was in your recipe?
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Tessa @ Amazing Asset said...

This looks soooo pretty! Red velvet cake always looks great obviously because of the color :) I have only made it once and it was from a box mix... so I am not sure it counts haha

Living N Learning said...

@Tessa - I definitely loved the red color of the cake! I didn't know that they had a boxed mix for a red velvet cake. Did you think your cake had a chocolate taste to it?