Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Picture Day!

Exciting news today here at Living and Learning!  Well I think it's exciting news anyways.

Last night I started (finally!) typing up part one of my Country Fest 2011 recap.  I was hoping to have it all typed up before going to bed but of course pictures started taking forever to load and I just wasn't going to wait for them any more.  I'm hoping that either tonight or tomorrow part one will be posted!

And now for the other exciting news...

This past Saturday my parents, Bo and I finally got to meet Bo's dad, Henry!

R-L Sydney (mom) w/ Mark, Bo w/my dad, Henry (dad) w/Jon
Bo also got to see one of his sisters, Hooby (like Scooby but with an H and no C), and one of his brothers, Spencer, who Mark and his family decided to keep of the litter.  I wish I had more pictures for you but I don't because someone, I mean me, has misplaced my camera battery charger.  Pictures with my phone just don't turn out the best.

And it's hard to take pictures of the puppies when I had an English Setter named Miley sitting on my lap pretty much the entire day.  I tried to get Bo to pay attention to Miley so he could learn to be a cuddler but it didn't work out so well.  Probably a good thing considering Miley was 27 pounds and Bo is already 25 and still growing!

Bo was a full 5 pound heavier than Spencer so I'm crossing my fingers that Bo will have more of his dad in him than his mom.  It may be hard to tell from the picture above but Henry resembles Duke a lot in looks and size.

Duke 4/22/11 83lbs
Henry and Duke look alike because they have some common breeding in them.  In fact, Bo's grandpa Hubert was also at the field dog trial (where we all met up because Henry was running) is in Duke's breeding and was Henry's dad.

There are talks of trying to get all of the puppies back together this winter some where so everyone can see how the others are doing.  So hopefully we'll get a chance to see Hooby and Spencer again along with the rest of the siblings.  There are 9 total from the litter.

Monday I received an email from Mark saying that they received many compliments on Bo from other Gordon breeders and other people that were at the field trial.  Guess we picked a good puppy huh?

I want to share this with you but it has nothing to do with Bo or dogs at all.  Friday night my family went to my grandparent's house for a fish fry.  While there I had the pleasure of meeting Wyatt.

Hi there!
Normally my uncle wouldn't keep a bull calf but because he's a Red Holstein Wyatt found a spot in my uncle's heart and they're going to keep him.

Wyatt knows his name and is just the cutest thing ever.  Don't you agree?

Aw shucks, you're embarrassing me.
Hey! Where's the milk?!
Paige is creeping in the background of that last picture.

Sorry for getting random on you here at the end.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Can you believe it's the first day of September already?!  I know I can't believe summer is coming to an end already.

Happy Friday Eve!

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