Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Wow it's about a week and a half since my last post!  Since that post I've started the fall semester at school so I am sure you fellow college students can understand how that could have gotten in the way of blogging.

This semester I am taking a total of 15 credits.  My schedule looks like this...

Mondays - Work 7:30-11:30, Fitness for Life 12-12:50

Tuesdays - No work and no class = homework day at home or day to make appointments

Wednesdays - Work 7:30-11:30, Fitness for Life 12-12:50, Personnel/Human Resource Management 5:30-8:00

Thursdays - Work 8-4:30, Principles of Finance 5:30-8:00

Fridays - Work 7:30-11:30, Fitness for Life 12-12:50

Then half way through the semester I will replace Principles of Finance with Ethics in Business.  Because they are only 8 week courses the material is covered very quickly and you have tests very quickly, sometimes back to back weeks.

Despite having a full course load and lots of work for each of those classes, except for Fitness for Life, I can make time to blog.  I will be working on that from now on because I find it useful to blog about what's going on my life because this wonderful blogging community always offers their advice and support.  I can't thank you enough for the past advice and support you've left in the comments of my previous posts.

Anyways, moving on to what the title of this post is all about.  Fitness for Life is a 2 credit gym class I am taking this semester and as an evaluation of where we are at currently we had to run a timed 1.3 miles (approximately) through the park.  The professor told everyone to shoot for less than 20 minutes.  I pulled it off in 19:07!  I was really happy with this time because honestly I really haven't worked out since last October.  You can read more about my run over at Daily Mile (see the widget to the left?).

Weather permitting we will be running that same route again at the end of the semester to see how we have progressed in our fitness level.  Since it will be December in Wisconsin I am not counting on having to run it again but we'll see.

The rest of the semester every Wednesday and Friday we are required to do at least 20 minutes of cardio in some form.  We can do more than 20 minutes if we want but if we only do 20 minutes we need to fill the rest of the class time with something else fitness related, like strength training.  I am going to take this opportunity to get on the strength training bandwagon because I know it's important and I've been slacking in this area for a while my entire life.

Now that I've written this I suppose I should hit the books.  Hopefully I don't get distracted by the internet!

Currently listening to: Hell On Heels - Pistol Annies

Questions for you...

Are you required to take any type of gym in order to graduate?

Do you strength train?  If so, how did you get started?

Should I continue to post what I am currently listening to?



LittleZewski said...

I am not required to take a gym in order to graduate although I kind of wish I was...

I used to strength train... Not so much time anymore. I just got started by honestly going in and saying okay I want to do arms today-- and try different things out.. I didn't really read up.. I just dug right in.. lol

YES! I'm always ready to listen to new music.. and I might steal this idea!

lolzthatswim said...

We have to actually take four years of gym credits. Go figure. We strength train for swimming although I've been terrible at it. I enjoy seeing what other bloggers listen too as well!

Claire-Christine said...

Good luck on your semester, Amy! That is really exciting! I know you will do just great :-) So organized. We aren't required to do gym at our college, but a lot of people to because it's a nice way to work in a workout mid-day AND receive credit! What is your major?

Also, on strength should print my GoogleDocs out and use them! They are good for strength training. Since I have a large accumulation of muscle, I am easing out of the weight lifting and toward the cardio stuff for my 10K training.

I'm glad you had time to post!! :-)

Living N Learning said...

@LittleZewski - Thanks for sharing how you got into strength training! I will keep posting a "What I'm listening to" song at the end of my blog posts. I love the song Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annies so I definitely think you should check it out!

@lolzthatswim - 4 years of gym credits?! Wow! I'm using this gym class as a way to get going and am going to plan on continuing the workouts after the class ends. Be prepared for lots of country from me haha!

@Claire - I'm definitely liking that I have to take this gym class, it forces me to work out and I can't decide I'm just not feeling it today. My major is Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

I will definitely be looking into your Google Docs! I want to use strength training as a way to tone up as I lose weight to hopefully avoid some excess skin I'm afraid I'll have.

I'm glad I had time to post too :)

Tessa @ Amazing Asset said...

That's a really interesting class you are taking and I am sure you are going to see a whole lot of improvement when you run again!
I am loving strength training at the moment... it is helping with the weight gaining because I know some of it is muscle :)

Living N Learning said...

I'm looking forward to toning up with strength training as I lose weight and just having that athletic look about me rather than pudgy.