Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling Frazzled

It's finally Friday!!  I am so ready to begin my weekend but wish I didn't have a long to-do list of homework to do.

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What I want to write about today started on Wednesday morning.  As I mentioned in my Wednesday post I have a long day and as a result need to take a lot of things with me to work/school.  It was as I was scrambling that morning to put together my bag of clothes and backpack that I realized I was feeling really frazzled, disorganized, and just not prepared - every day not just that morning.

The main reason I think I am feeling this way is my room is a mess.  I've been saying for weeks now that I would clean it and get it in good shape so I could use it as more than just a place to sleep - *cough*homework*cough*.  I am definitely going to at least take a step in the right direction this weekend and begin the process of cleaning my room.  Wish me luck with this one!

Another reason for feeling unprepared was the fact that while I made a checklist of things I needed to pack for the day I would have been better off just packing everything the night before.  Due to trying to get enough sleep every night I've changed the time my alarm goes off every morning - setting it later so if I get up when it goes off I have enough time to get ready but not so much time that I think I can use the snooze button a lot - and because of that when I use the snooze button a few times - but still better than I used to be about it - I put myself in a time crunch to get ready and leave in time to be to work on time.  Because of this time crunch I put myself in I'm racing around after getting ready for work to find everything that's on that checklist of mine.  As I was driving to work it dawned on me that if I would just pack everything I need for the next day the night before even if I was in a time crunch I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting anything.  I will be giving this a try next week.

I have a plan so now it is time to put that plan into action!

Step #1 - Clean room
Step #2 - Organize room
Step #3 - Pack things for the day the night before
Step #4 - Get to bed between 10 and 10:30!!
Step #5 - Get out of bed when alarm goes off - DO NOT USE THE SNOOZE BUTTON!!

Easy enough right?  Now I just need to follow through - my downfall in achieving things I want to in life.

Questions for you...

Do you prepare things the night before so you can just grab it and go?

Do you keep your bedroom/apartment (depending on your living situation) clean all the time or do you let it go sometimes and then do a big clean to restore order?

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