Sunday, September 18, 2011

Funny Story & Bowling Night

Good morning!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend so far and if you're a football fan your team wins today - unless you're Hollie since we know the Pack has to win today!

I'm going to start you off with a funny puppy story from this past week.  Thursday night I was ready to watch some of the shows my DVR had been recording for me - you can read more about that and the consequence I paid for doing that here.  Bo followed me downstairs but eventually went back upstairs.  I wasn't worried because I knew my mom was still watching TV in the living room upstairs.

Well, Bo is stealth like when he wants to be.  Whether he did this intentionally or not Thursday night I guess we'll never know.  Anyways, he managed to sneak past my mom and go down the hall to my parent's bedroom.  My dad brought Bo up on the bed where he stayed the entire night.

When my mom was ready to go to bed she found Bo in her spot and decided since he didn't move she would sleep on the couch.  Needless to say my mom was not amused but my dad and I found it quite funny.

How can you be mad at such a cutie?
 OK, so Bo isn't that little any more but it's the only sleeping picture I have of him.

Moving on...

My department at work planned a group outing for Saturday night to go bowling.  Not everyone came as some had other plans but the group of us that did go had fun.  Thanks to my boss we bowled for 2 hours, had a pizza, and 2 pitchers of beer for free.  I discovered that I bowl better the more I drink.  i started off well with a 130 the first game, a 128 the second game, and the third game I really kicked butt with a 175ish.  I honestly can't remember the exact score of that last game.

When we were done bowling three of us made our way to the bar to continue the fun.  Luckily my parents were going into town to drop some fish off for my grandma so I told them that they could come pick me up so I wouldn't have to drive home.

It was a fun night and I'm glad that for the most part our department gets along well enough so we can go out these kinds of outings.

We decided we have to go out again soon because the Brewers were playing and for every home-run they got we got a card and if you collect 4 of them you get a free drink when you buy one.  We pooled our cards together and ended the night with 8.

Now today I need to work hard to focus so I can be productive and cross some things off my to-do list for school.


Questions for you...

Do you have any funny puppy stories?
Do you ever think alcohol makes you preform better at anything?

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Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA. I love it. I'm going to the gym later to finish watching the game so I can scream hysterically. I mean...lift weights and watch the game with the bros.

Alcohol makes me wired and cray cray. I never perform anything better that way. ha. ;)

Living N Learning said...

@lolzthatswim - I'm a little worried right now with the slow start the Packers had against the Panthers. You may have something to scream about at the end of the game haha!

Have you tried bowling after/while drinking?? Maybe it's just a bowling thing? I laugh a lot more after drinking.

Anonymous said...

Yes I do agree. After drinking, anything is funny ha. I don't actually have many bowling places around me? Can you believe that!

Wahhh. The Packers are doing well as always though. I thought my little Panthers might have finally stepped up to the plate.