Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camping Part 1

Hey there!  I hope everyone is having a good Saturday!  I am writing this while sitting in a zero gravity chair in the north woods of Wisconsin where I have no internet connectivity and no cell phone service.  It’s basically an unplugged two days of relaxation for me.

It all started yesterday at 5pm for me when I was able to take off my tennis shoes... 

And slip into my all time favorite shoes…flip flops!

Within an hour of getting home from work my parents, Bo and I were on the road north.

Can you believe how big he's gotten in just a week?!
Pretty impressive considering I had packed absolutely nothing prior to getting home.  I did make a list while at work.  

And then didn’t even have the list handy when I was packing.  A lot of good making a list does then right?  I haven’t wished I had something yet so I guess making the list was helpful because everything was fresh in my mind when I packed.

As I type this Bo is hanging out under the camper where it’s cool.

Just chillin' :)

It’s plenty warm and humid here so just sitting outside in the shade causes me to break a sweat but Bo doesn’t seem to mind as he’s been sleeping pretty much the entire time under the camper.  

My parents are off at a wedding ceremony right now so I’ve been able to just relax in the quiet and listen to the waterfall which is basically in our “backyard” for the weekend. 

I’m finding that I love this alone time with not only Bo but myself.  I can reflect or simply enjoy the fresh air and bugs.  Well ok so I’m not really enjoying the bugs but they’re part of nature so if I want to enjoy it I have to deal with the bugs right?

I highly suggest taking advantage of some alone time out in fresh air at a park, camping, or simply taking a walk.  So let me know where you’re enjoying nature this weekend!

I’m off to continue enjoying my alone time with some more picture-taking, Kindle reading, and maybe some picture organizing on my computer so I can finally get that Country Fest post up that I know you’re all waiting for!


Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

Wow your weekend looks like so much fun. I love that you made a to-do list at work because I do the same thing girl. HA. Hope you are reading some awesomesauce books on your kindle. I am debating getting one but reading on tech sometimes gives me migraines.

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

I'm so weird that this morning I went through and checked off everything I had actually packed...I only left a few things at home and none of them were missed.

I absolutely love my Kindle! I've only purchased one book since I got it a month ago but have tons on my Wish List so if they would ever become free, or when I finally cave and buy one (or three) they're easy to find.

BTW...all caught up on your life again :)

Alexis said...

Haha looks like your camper is going to run over the puppy! I'm glad you had fun! I wish I could have gone!!

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

If I had snapped a picture of his favorite spot he would have actually been under the camper, not just by the tires.

I wish you could have gone too! Then I wouldn't have gotten bored alone when the puppers was sleeping for hours and my parents were gone. You could have watched some NCIS season 2 and drank wine coolers with me too! It's not so lame when someone else is with you haha!