Thursday, July 7, 2011

You can't sip whiskey gotta drank it!

When I was trying to come up with a title for this post my new favorite song popped into my head and I thought it was kind of fitting.  The title comes from Justin Moore's song Hank It off his album Justin Moore.

So it's been a while since my last post about the Good News & Bad News.  A lot has happened and I'll do my best to summarize all of it without boring anyone to death.

First of all, that good news that I mentioned in my last post that I kept a secret from y'all will be revealed this weekend.  Get excited because I know I am!

Three days after my last post I celebrated my 21st birthday.  My parents and I were on the road so when we had the opportunity to eat a Red Lobster we jumped on it.

[caption id="attachment_195" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Red Lobster's wait staff singing Happy Birthday to me."][/caption]

Wow I don't know how I ever let myself leave the house like that.  Yikes!  But anyways, I ordered my first legal alcoholic drink and was carded for the first time, enjoyed some awesome shrimp, and some awesome dessert.  Red Lobster apparently does nothing but sing when it's your birthday.  No free dessert or anything, boo!

I went out with only my mom and my aunt that night for drinks.  We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse and bar hopped our way home.  No, I didn't enjoy 21 shots but I still had a good time.

Following the birthday weekend I only had a three-day work week as it was time to hit the road to Country Fest 2011.  I don't want to say too much about it now since I have a post in the works with pictures!  But you can read about who I got to see here.  I will share that I fell in love with Justin Moore after seeing him at Country Fest :)

I came back to work on Tuesday, nothing exciting happened that week.

This past weekend I did some fishing with my dad, some farm work, and a lot of reading!  Oh yea, I got a Kindle for my birthday and have been loving it.  I just wish they had more free books haha!

Now it's Thursday night and I've been hoping and thinking it's been Friday pretty much all week.  Like I mentioned earlier my secret can be revealed this weekend and so of course I am looking forward to the weekend more than usual.  Anyone want to take a guess at what my secret is?

In a nutshell these past couple of weeks have been full of fun and not so much healthy living.  That's all changing this month though.  I've once again recommitted to leading a healthier lifestyle and using to help me.

What's coming up:

Surprise Revealed

Country Fest 2011

I'm getting back into the blogging world so if I've been missing from your comments section be prepared for me to make a comeback!  And if you're a reader of my blog I hope you come back too!



Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) said...

YAY for getting back to Spark. We miss you on the blogging world too! :) I literally just laughed out loud when you said if you miss me in your comments section prepare for my comeback. I do miss you and your blog!

I'm glad your 21st was the Too bad we aren't closer-we could have almost had a joint 21st. :)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Woot +2 for me making you laugh out loud!

A joint 21st would have been awesome...then I could have borrowed some of your friends haha!

Christy said...

Yay! I missed your posts.

itsthecookiemonster said...

happy birthday! you're now legal!! hope red lobster was a blast! (they have the best biscuits)

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Thank you! Yes Red Lobster was awesome. I freakin' love their cheddar bay biscuits!!

Amy @ countrystrong21 said...

Aw I'm feeling the love!

AntosDoesLifeNikki said...

Yay for surprises!