Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's time to wake up!

Every morning when my alarm clocks (yes, plural) go off I think to myself, "It's time to  get up....oh I'll just lay here a minute longer..."

So, last night I had this awesome idea.  I made myself a playlist of a few songs that I could use as my alarm clock.

Good morning to you too boys :)
I forgot to make sure the volume was turned all the way up on my iPod, and when I reset my alarm on my iHome I forgot to make sure the actual alarm was loud enough.  I ended up turning my first alarm (5:30am) off because in five minutes I would be hearing my new wake up playlist.

Next thing I know my second cell phone alarm, third alarm total, was going off at 5:45am and I can barely hear my wake up playlist.  The boys were serenading me back to sleep rather than waking me up for the day!  But I know for tomorrow now because I'm not giving up on being woken up to those boys. ;)

My question to you is what is your wake up routine like?  Are you a snooze button user?  Do you ever sleep much later than you would have liked?


Alexis Anton said...

Haha you know my sleep routine... Thanks to my new app I use the snooze.. apparently!? but when my ACTUAL alarm goes off I know its literally the last time that I can get up without having to be in a rush..

Living N Learning said...

@ Alexis I wish I would get myself up when I don't have to rush. But I always end up falling back to sleep to the point I don't remember turning alarms off or I sleep through an alarm. Wish I could get that sleep app!