Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Under Construction

I started following a few blogs and allowed people to see that I was following them so I figured I better put this out there.  This blog is currently under construction as I am just getting started, as in I signed up and started creating it last night.  I currently have a WordPress blog that I'm going to work on converting over once I have this blog set up and looking like I want it to.  Until I convert feel free to read my blog over at http://countrystrong21.wordpress.com/!

Any tips or suggestions of things I must include on my blog let me know!  I'm new to blogger so I'm still learning.

Update: I do not think I will be converting my WordPress blog over to Blogger.  One reason being there is no simple way to convert those posts to Blogger.  A second reason I'm now on the fence about whether I want to use Blogger as I've read some fellow bloggers who say they have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs.  I have enough trouble getting people to comment on my crazy blog (my own fault) so I don't need those few people to not be able to comment on my blog at all.  Decisions decisions to be made....


Alexis Anton said...

I think as long as you allow all users including anonymous users to comment you should be fine..

Living N Learning said...

@Alexis Anton I did make sure to allow all users to comment :)

Guess I just need to use it more before I make a decision.