Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To convert or not to convert?

Since yesterday I have been debating about what I want to really do with this blog and I've decided I want some of your opinions.

I currently have a WordPress blog and have been blogging there since February.  I'm currently on the fence about whether I really want to use Blogger instead of WordPress.  I think my only real reason for not just jumping into Blogger is that I started with WordPress so that's what I'm already comfortable with.  I am not saying the WordPress is better for me than Blogger.  In fact, I think Blogger might be more suited to me because (this is my opinion) Blogger is a more beginner friendly and not quite as serious of a blogging site compared to WordPress.  Blogger allows for easier personalization of your blog, especially changing colors and how and where things are laid out.

Sounds like I'm all for Blogger then right?  Well I would be except I don't want to lose the posts I've done on WordPress.  I've Googled and the instructions I found for converting WordPress posts to Blogger tell me I should have done this when I first created my blog.  Now the only way I know that I can convert my old posts is to copy and paste them individually.  I have no problem doing this unless I take the time to do it and then end up say, "Blogger isn't for me I'm going to go back to WordPress."

I'm sure those of you who use Blogger will say, "Go for it!" and those of you who use WordPress will say, "Stick with us!"  My friend Alexis who recently started up a blog ( has used both Blogger and WordPress and votes Blogger.  But, she started with Blogger not WordPress, so does that make her biased one way or the other?  Maybe, maybe not.

Ultimately I know it is my decision as it is my blog.  I suck at making decisions on my own.  I always look for guidance from someone else. So here I am, looking for some guidance.

What are your thoughts about the situation I am in?

What should I do with my WordPress blog while I make a decision?  Do I keep posting and then convert those posts (if I decide on Blogger)?  I do have posts I've been promising to publish for a while now so it's not as if I have nothing to write about haha.

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions on this!


Watermelonsmiles said...

I just saw that you moved, and I found it really interesting.

I sometimes half wish I went with wordpress instead of blogger, but truthfully I am terrible with anything techy and it would have probably been a bad fit.

I love blogger because it keeps blogging simple and fun for me, and I'm excited you're switching over.

The only real thing that I wish I had was a reply to people's comments. I just have to made do with commenting using @whoever-

Living N Learning said...

@Watermelonsmiles - I'm enjoying Blogger because it's much more customizable than WordPress. I can put gadgets wherever I want and can change colors and fonts easily. Thanks for finding me on Blogger :)

Lisa @ I'm an Okie said...

I personally am a fan of wordpress. easier to read and comment on, but i'll still read here!

Living N Learning said...

@Lisa - Glad you'll still read my blog even though I made the big switch. There are pros and cons to both sites so it was a hard choice.