Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Recap?

I wasn't really sure what to title this post...but I guess it's a weekend recap.  My weekend was not all that exciting so I apologize for the less than exciting post in advance.

I'm a bad blogger...I didn't take pictures Friday or Saturday night while I was at the races.  I did not even take my purse along in the car since I didn't want to carry it at the track so of course my camera was left at home both nights.  It didn't even cross my mind that I would want it until I was at the track.  Of course because we live 30 minutes away running home to get it was not an option.

So without pictures I can't really give that great of an update because I'm sure none of what I'm saying would make any sense.  I had a good time both nights and enjoyed a few adult beverages.  Captain and Pepsi became my friend again. :)

Other than going to the races I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend.  Great thing to blog about huh?

I'll stop this boring post now before it gets worse.  I promise something more exciting soon!


Anonymous said...

OOH I love your new blog girl. It is adorable and so interesting. I am forever a bad blogger but lucky for me-I have about 2000 photos to uh use from random one has to know that was me from last December...

Living N Learning said...

@lolzthatswim - Glad you like the new blog. Having lots of random photos to use in your blog posts must be nice. I need to remember the camera more often so I can have a stock pile of photos for just-in-case emergencies lol.