Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hoggin' up the road on my p-p-p-plower

If you missed my post about to-do lists yesterday here's a link for you.  To-Do Lists - Inspired by Navigating North

Today my to-do list is going to be empty because right after work I am going to the fair with my aunt.  We will be seeing Craig Morgan for the second time this summer.  I'll be able to share pictures of Craig Morgan whenever I do my Country Fest recap post(s).

The very first time I saw Craig Morgan was at our fair while I was in high school.  My friend Stephanie and I ended up on stage for a few songs.  One of them being Redneck Yacht Club which we held a sign up which said "We're proud members!".  I came away from that concert with many great memories and a guitar pick!

I didn't bring any of the signs I used in high school from home so my aunt and I will not end up on stage haha.

What are some of your favorite concert memories?

I'm still debating if I want to carry my camera with me tonight.  If I do I'll be sure to post some pictures in an upcoming post.

Happy Wednesday bloggies, we're half way through the week!!

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