Monday, August 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Claire and Candace for the versatile blogger award two weeks ago and I am now finally getting around to posting it!  I don't know why it took me so long to do this considering how excited I was as this is my first blogger award since starting my blog in February.  Better late than never though right?

Here are the rules...
  • Thank the award giver and link them back in your post (done! see above)
  • Tell readers seven things about you
  • Give the award to newly discovered bloggers (up to 15)
  • Contact the bloggers and let them know they were nominated.
7 Things About Me

  1. I live in the house that my dad built during my first year of life.  My parents have some pretty cute pictures of me during the building period.  One that I remember off the top of my head is of me on the floor in the basement with a whole bag of nails dumped on the floor around me, being daddy's little helper?  Another is of me sitting on a rock pile playing with all of the rocks.  Maybe I'll have to find those pictures and scan them so I can share.
  2. More often than not my dad will build what we want/need rather than buying it.  Our entertainment center?  My dad built it.  My parents' bed?  My dad built it.  The corn hole game we played this weekend at my brother's graduation party?  Yup, my dad built it.  It's awesome to have someone in the family that is so skilled because it saves money and you can have things custom made for you!
  3. I am missing some teeth.  I have what my dentist calls an implant with a crown attached to the "top" (it's on my upper jaw so it's really the bottom I guess) because I didn't have an adult tooth to push my baby tooth out.  The baby tooth was pulled and I then had surgery to have the implant placed where the roots of an adult tooth would be.  Knock on wood, this is the only surgery I have had in my life.  I am also without my twelve-year-old molars in my bottom jaw.  They just never came in and so far this isn't causing any problems so there is no plan to do anything but leave my mouth as it is now.  And one set of missing teeth I am more than happy to have missing are my wisdom teeth.  X-rays have been done and they just are not there but considering I would have to go through the pain of having them pulled if I did have them I'm not missing them one bit.
  4. I have never left the country.  Some day hopefully I hope to because I hear (and see) that there are some beautiful places outside of the US boarders.
  5. My family has determined that I am the one who needs to learn how to bake all of my grandma's recipes.  I do love to bake so it's not a burden or anything like that.  Some of the recipes my family is big on me learning are: sour cream chocolate cake, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and apple kuchen just to name a few.
  6. I do not buy milk from a store.  My grandparents (mom's parents) had a dairy farm for many years, and it has now been passed on to my uncle.  As long as someone is still milking the cows I won't be buying my milk from a store.  My grandma takes milk from the bulk tank in the milk house and whenever we need milk we head over to the farm to get some out of their refrigerator.  You may think it's weird and gross but I've never gotten sick from drinking this milk and to me anything from a store doesn't taste good after having only whole milk my entire life.  Sure, I can drink milk from a store but I have to drink it really fast, or have it with something like cereal or a brownie.
  7. I love to read!  For my birthday in June my parents gave me a Kindle and since that time I've read 37 books already.  I am currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I just love getting lost in a good book.  I read the first Twilight book in a day and have been known to finish other books the same day I start them as well.  Sometimes my love of reading interferes with my school work because honestly who wouldn't rather read a book for fun than a textbook?  I definitely need to work on that this semester because let's be honest, school is important, and with only a year and a half left (3 semesters!) I need to be putting my best effort into school.
And the nominees are (drum roll).......
I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me.  If you want to know more about anything let me know!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  If you're starting the fall semester today good luck!


Anonymous said...

That is super cool about your dad building so much stuff. It is kind of like how my mom sews everything so we don't really buy things that she can sew. She loves doing it though!

Living N Learning said...

@lolzthatswim - Same thing with my dad, he likes doing it! We are definitely a DIY family thanks to my dad.

Tessa @ Amazing Asset said...

Hey lady thank you so much for tagging me! I loveeee to read and though the Hunger Games was great! I read through the whole series in about four days

Living N Learning said...

@Tessa - You're very welcome! During my (not creepy I swear) reading of your psst blog entries I saw that you already did one of these but I thought you could come up with 7 new facts about yourself to share. I mean, who wouldn't want to learn more about you right?