Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Bit of Life

*Big Yawn*  Today has been rough bcause I am so tired from being out at the fair last night.

After work yesterday my mom dropped me off at my great aunt's house where I was meeting up with my aunt Pam.  Eventually we made our way to the fair.

First stop was the sheep barn to take pictures of the boards for a co-worker who wasn't going to the fair.  The boards are for the 4-H club my boss' children belong to.

Shoot For The Hoops

Riverside 4-H

Next up was dinner.  We went to the baked potato booth.  It was in the exhibition building which was sooo hot! Just standing in line we were both sweating.  We gladly booked it out of there with our potatoes to find a place to sit and eat them.  We ended up in the beer tent at a picnic table.

After dinner was consumed we made our way to the grandstand to find a place to stand for the Craig Morgan concert.  He's an amazing singer and his show was awesome, as we expected it to be since we saw it in June.

It's definitely interesting to see how many different kinds of people come together for the common love of a certain artist.  The group in front of us, which I went to high school with, was super into the concert but seeing them walk down the street you wouldn't guess that they would like country music.  Well, except for last night since they were decked out in their "country" gear haha.

After the concert we made our way back to the beer tent to enjoy a cold beverage.  I'm not a beer drinker simply because I get very full feeling from them and more than one is a chore to drink.  I tried the Mike's Hard Lemonade - Cranberry Lemonade despite not being a cranberry fan.  After the first few sips I didn't think it was that bad.  I wanted to try the Limeade flavor but they didn't seem to have any at the two bars (within the beer tent) that I went to.  If only they had the Berry, or Black Cherry Lemonade flavors, then I would be loving the beer tent even more!

We ended up leaving after one drink because we both had to work the next day.  I was home by 11pm but instead of going to bed right away I started watching the movie Country Strong, for like the 5th time.  Actually, I've probably watched that movie more than just 5 times.

Now I'm tired beyond belief and am trying to plug away at my work while listening to Justin Moore on my iPod.

Tonight my aunt and I are going to the fair again to see Sawyer Brown.  After tonight I'm not sure if I'll be going again.  I've been missing Bo since I didn't get to see him yesterday, and I won't be able to see him again today.  And despite being only 21 as tired as I am I feel like a grandma who can't handle going out late like I used to haha!

Question for you...
Do you go out on work/school nights?  How do you deal with feeling tired the next day?

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