Thursday, August 11, 2011

Workin' on the blog

I am working on finally getting some pages set up.  I just completed my About Me page which gives you a peek at who I am.  Please check it out and if you want to know more let me know.  I'll either add it to the page, fill you in, or maybe do a post about it if I have enough to say.

I'm also going to work on potentially adding the following pages:
  • My Journey - giving you a look into my struggle with my weight and body image
  • About the Blog - explaining the purpose of my blog
  • Recipes - posting some of my favorite recipes to bake and as I learn to cook better/more things those recipes as well
  • Work Outs - a log of my work outs
I'm confident I will post the My Journey and About the Blog page but the others I'm on the fence about.

So, be sure to check out my About Me page and be on the look out for some new pages as well.

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