Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To-Do Lists - Inspired by Navigating North

Sorry it's not right side up. Anyone know how to fix?

Way back on Monday July 18th I started writing things in my day planner that I wanted to remember to do that day, creating a to-do list.  Funny enough Claire over at Navigating North (go check it out!) did a post on productivity that next day.  Claire asked the question, "What do you do to feel productive each day?"  I responded with a three-part answer but I'll focus on the last part, completing things on my to-do list.

First of all, I thought Claire was reading my mind for doing that post the day after I started writing my to-do lists down for the day rather than keeping them in my head.  Secondly, I thought to myself do other people use to-do lists like me?

I Tweeted the second question mentioning some fellow bloggers to get their thoughts on to-do lists.

Alexis @ Daily Ramblings (http://alexisanton.blogspot.com/ ) said Yesssss.

Lisa @ I'm An Okie (http://www.imanokie.com/ ) said Sometimes yes sometimes no. Hate to do it but probably need to.

Becca @ I Heart Eggs (http://ihearteggs.wordpress.com/ ) said her to-do lists have to-do lists.  (I'll take that as a yes haha)  She also said she couldn't function without them due to her busy lifestyle.

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss (http://www.lifeofblyss.com/ ) said sure do! Blackberry notepad is a lifesaver for on-the-go to-do lists!

It would appear that to-do lists are used by many people, or at least many of the people I mentioned in my Tweet.

While I love being organized I doubt any of you would be able to tell based on the current state of my room (sorry no pictures will be posted of that) or by the fact that my to-do list is reoccurring day after day.  But as I mentioned in my comment on Claire's post; I do feel productive when I can check something off of that to-do list.  When I do something with my day it makes me feel better about myself, like I'm not some lazy butt who never does anything.  I'm going to work on accomplishing things on my to-do list as a baby step to working towards working out consistently.

How is that a baby step to working out consistently you ask?  Well, for me I can say I want to workout but then I'm easily sucked into TV for the night and it never happens.  If I can start doing things on my to-do list, like cleaning my bathroom, putting away clean clothes, doing laundry, etc. I will be breaking the habit of just watching TV at night.  This will make working out easier since I won't be able to talk myself into sitting in front of the TV as easily because it won't be my current habit.  Does this even make sense to any of you?  It does in my head but putting it into words is tough!

So here's to being productive every day!


LittleZewski said...

Haha I was the same way last night with putting away my laundry... It just wasn't getting done..

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

yeeah girl! love productivity!

Navigating North said...

Thank you for mentioning me and my blog (www.navigatingnorth.com) on your page today! I absolutely love your insight, thoughtfulness, and am honored that you felt inspired.

That is honestly what this community is all about for me! I started blogging just 2 months ago and was encouraged from the very beginning by a few different bloggers...I am glad that I can be this for you! The cycle of "Living and Learning" never ends and I am so glad that you are actively participating!

I absolutely love your take on writing a to-do list to get out of current habits...I never thought about it this way! In fact, being in counseling, I would love to try this with clients (goal-creating as a means for decreasing undesirable habits).

Thank YOU for the inspiration!!

Living N Learning said...

@LittleZewski - putting away laundry is the worst part of doing laundry in my opinion!

@Alyssa - Thanks for your response to my Twitter question and for your comment on my blog!

lolzthatswim said...

Seriously. I cannot help but have a dozen to-do lists. I get things done that way. Great work!

Living N Learning said...

@Navigating North - Wow I cannot thank you enough for your kind words! I'm glad I could inspire you in return for your inspiration to me.

@lolzthatswim - Glad you get things done by using to-do lists. I'm learning there is no magical way to get things done other than actually doing them haha.